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Southwest Companion Pass

Here are the credit cards you need to earn the Southwest Companion Pass and fly FREE around the U.S. To apply for the credit cards included on the blog and to help support Go to Travel Gal at no cost to you, please visit TRAVEL CREDIT CARDS on the menu bar above. This allows me to earn a commission so that I may focus more of my efforts on the blog and in bringing you more great information and tips on how to travel nearly free.
(Note: you only need 2 out of the 3 Southwest cards for the pass)
  • Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier
  • Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Business Premier
  • Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred (a great card to have in your wallet after the Southwest cards)
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Top Weekly Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping Deals: 1,000 Points for Taxes & 1,400 Points Free With Meal Service
Rapid Rewards Shopping

Looking for the best Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping deals to earn even MORE points for FREE flights? Here is a list, updated weekly each Monday, of the top points-earning opportunities on the portal. Highlights this week include TurboTax offering 1,000 points when you use them to pay your taxes online and Blue Apron with a major offer… Continue reading

Rumors of a New Southwest Credit Card Coming This Summer

Please note this HAS NOT been confirmed by me, so I can in no way claim it is or is not right, but I did want to share with you the information that’s floating out there on the web :). According to Doctor of Credit, a blog that offers of lots of financial and credit… Continue reading

LAST DAY to Get the Southwest Card Bonuses Before They Decrease
Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card

OK, folks, we’re down to the last day before Chase reduces the current bonuses on ALL Southwest cards, according to my Chase bank source. The deals go away TODAY, so make haste if you want these cards. Email me if you have questions at lyn AT, though we are traveling today so I may… Continue reading

3 Reasons to Grab the Southwest Cards Before Offers Decrease in TWO Days!
Southwest Companion Pass

The end date for the current Southwest Chase Rapid Rewards credit card offers is nearing! That means those lovely 50,000 and 60,000-point bonuses on both the personal and business cards are GOING AWAY April 4. That is WEDNESDAY! A Chase Bank public relations spokesperson confirmed with me that AFTER April 4 ALL current offers on Southwest’s cards—both… Continue reading

Southwest Drink Coupons: How to Get Them Free
Southwest free drink coupons

Want some free Southwest drink coupons to enjoy a glass of wine, cocktail or beer on your next flight? Unfortunately, drinks are not free on Southwest Airlines (alcohol costs $6-$7 per drink), but there ARE ways you can score a freebie, and it doesn’t require you to have earned any rewards. How to Get Southwest… Continue reading

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