How much is flying your family free forever worth to you?

What is the value of NEVER having to pay for flights EVER again?

The cost of your next flight?

The cost of 5 flights? 10 flights? 20 flights?


I've created a SIMPLE process that's helping HUNDREDS of busy families use miles and points to fly their families anywhere they want in the US, Caribbean or Europe with all the personal support they need along the way.

I call it my Fly-Free Formula, MY proprietery system that is SHOCKINGLY easy once you know it.

And NO ONE teaches anything like it. It's not in any blog post, article, video or podcast out there.

If you're savvy to miles and points, we'll cut the time you're spending by 80% and TRIPLE the number of trips you get from your points.

New to points? In just 2-3 months, we'll have you ALWAYS flying your family free.

Don't hand the airline $1,000+ and get back ONE trip in return.

Invest it in the membership instead and get a LIFETIME of free flights for your family + so many other perks!

Will you let us save your family thousands on travel and get you to more places than you ever dreamed?


  • A GUARANTEED formula to fly your family FREE forever 
  • Industry insider HACKS to save thousands of dollars and points on airfare 
  • 1-on-1 real-time personal support to ask ALL your travel questions and keep you from making COSTLY mistakes
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The Families Fly Free Membership Is About 3 Things...

Simplicity, Savings and 1-on-1 Support

A Simple GUARANTEED Formula

The Latest Travel HACKS to Save You Thousands Updated Daily

Real-time Personal Support

Finally, a proven formula to make traveling free with miles and points as simple as it should be with the helpful support you've always wanted!


  • Access to my Fly Free Formula (works for 1-2 people up to extended families!)
  • A custom step-by-step plan customized to YOUR family's goals
  • 1-on-1 real-time support through video, email, text and more
  • Access to the Hub, our online portal with 100+ hours of video and resources to save you time and money on ALL aspects of travel, not just airfare
  • My secret travel hacks I personally use to save (this alone will pay for your membership!) + weekly live webinars filled with industry travel-saving secrets
  • Destination spotlights, like Disney, Hawaii and Europe, with guest experts to inspire you on where to travel and what to do
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Our members love Families Fly Free

"Until I got inside Families Fly Free, I had no idea what I was missing. Lyn helped me take my credit card rewards strategy to a whole new level. I've never seen anyone put all the pieces together like Lyn has. I'm confident that Families Fly Free will save you thousands of dollars and forever change the way you book flights."

-- Allison L.

"With your help, we saved 225,000 points on 7 tickets to Aruba during the prime summer season and we still can't believe it! The support you are offering for people like us is truly life-changing."

-- Maria R.

"My family has already saved over $1,600 on airfare and we're not even halfway into our first year of membership! Additionally, I know I've saved myself much hassle and gained a great amount of flexibility in my travel."

-- Amylee U.

"In the last 2 years, we've spent almost nothing out of pocket to fly and we take 8-10 vacations per year! Lyn's advice has allowed us to go places and do things we never thought possible! She is an amazing woman, and once you start using her as a resource, you will wonder how you ever managed your travel without her!"

-- George T.

I'm Lyn, Founder of Families Fly Free and Travel Journalist

As a longtime travel journalist for US News & World Report, the TODAY Show and MSN, I've been writing about travel for years and discovered how to fly free with my family in 2015 to all the places I'd been writing about. Since then, we've been flying 6 times each year around the US, Europe and the Caribbean, including amazing trips to Hawaii, Disney, Grand Cayman and many more!

I developed a simple formula to fly my family of 4 FREE wherever we want to go, whenever we want to go and I've helped hundreds of families do the same with my personal support and approachable process!

Will you let me help your family shave thousands of dollars off the cost of travel by eliminating airfare and stretch your frequent flyer miles as far as they will go?

My formula allows you to take MORE trips, splurge on OTHER things during your travels and create MORE priceless memories -- all with miniminal time and effort.

If you have kids, NOW is the time to figure this out, so you can travel more and make those memories before they leave home...

My formula is an easy system that once in place, can be put on autopilot. All you need to do is stay alerted to the changing hacks we share to keep you saving month after month, year after year...

Come on, let's travel! Where to first?!