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Massive Ryanair Sale Through 5/22 for Cheap Flights Within Europe
Ryanair Plane

Ryanair is a discount airline in Europe that offers some of the cheapest seats you can find for flights between major European cities. It’s often quite a bit less than taking a train, especially between destinations that are further apart. We flew Ryanair once on our trip to Europe, flying from Paris to Bologna. While… Continue reading

iHeartRadio Now on Board Many Southwest Flights
Southwest Wifi iHeartRadio

Wherever you are flying on Southwest,¬† now you can listen to iHeartRadio throughout your flight on nearly 700 planes. The airline has added iHeartRadio’s digital live-streaming service to their free on-board in-flight entertainment system. Travelers can select from live radio stations or customize their own station by choosing from hundreds of artists. The station will… Continue reading

Will Southwest Fly to Canada?
Southwest Airlines Canada

Canada is another international destination that Southwest has said is on its radar. At the company’s annual shareholders meeting this week, CEO Gary Kelly said the airline is interested in launching services to Canada out of Baltimore, according to ch-aviation. The article attributed Kelly as saying Southwest may sign an agreement with another carrier to… Continue reading

Southwest Offers Points for Slow PreCheck Lines
TSA PreCheck

Southwest has pushed out a new promotion that gives you Rapid Rewards bonus points if you don’t get through Oakland (outside of San Francisco) TSA PreCheck within 10 minutes. I’m not sure if there’s a problem with long lines in Oakland or what, but I’m guessing so! TSA PreCheck lets you bypass the traditional security… Continue reading

Marco Island, Florida Ultimate Vacation Checklist

Marco Island, Florida: Your Ultimate Beach Vacation Checklist
Marco Island Florida Ultimate Beach Vacation Checklist

Marco Island, Florida, is one of my family’s favorite beach spots, especially when we’re ready to escape long overcast Midwest winters. If you’re looking for a gorgeous, warm, family-friendly beach¬†getaway, it is a great choice. Marco is a beautiful island with crystal clear blue waters near Naples, Florida, and is about as far south as… Continue reading

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