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How to Earn 20,000+ Frequent Flyer Miles Completing Online Surveys

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By Cami Sauder

Looking for a way to earn MORE miles and points for FREE travel?

I want to share a way that I’ve earned TONS of points over the years along with some secrets about how I do it.

What is it? Filling out online surveys.

In 2019, I redeemed 22,000 miles/points split between American, United and Southwest — all by filling out surveys during downtime. Not bad!

How I Earn Miles & Points Filling Out Surveys

online survey smartphone airline miles

With your smart phone in hand, it’s easy to fill out a survey while waiting in line, sitting at the doctor’s office, waiting in the airport, sitting in the carpool line, watching TV, listening to a podcast or music, and even while traveling ON a train or plane these days. 

Why not earn some miles when you have nothing else to do?!

There are multiple survey programs that let you earn miles/points. Here are the two I use with a new way I’ve discovered to sign up without waiting for an invitation! This way will get you to BOTH e-Rewards AND Rewards for Opinions without waiting for an invitation!

1. e-Rewards

How to Sign Up

e-Rewards participation is by invitation only unless you know my secret tip! If you’re looking to use e-Rewards to earn Southwest points, Southwest’s website says,

Enrollment periods vary. Sign up for the Rapid Rewards Email Update to stay informed about our next enrollment opportunity.” 

If you are ever lucky enough to get an email inviting you to join, sign up then and there if you even THINK it might be something that you want to do.

You’ll only have 30 days to fill out the enrollment survey, so don’t delay! 

But if you follow these steps, those days are far behind you! I could just post the link here, but I want to help you explore the Southwest website so that you can discover the riches of its depths. Maybe you will find something new that you can share with us on the Cheap Southwest Fares Facebook or the Go To Travel Gal Facebook page! 🙂

Go to Southwest’s website and click on Rapid Rewards. When this drop-down menu appears,

click on “Earning Points” and then “Earn with our Partners” once this screen pops up–

This screen will drop down and you will want to click on “Learn More” under “Specialty.”

Here’s the screen you’ve been looking for!!

Click on “e-Rewards” and then the link to join the e-Rewards Opinion Panel. 

When you sign up and complete your first survey, you’ll earn 500 points Rapids Rewards points. How easy is that? 

Completing Your Profile

Be sure to keep your profile up to date, as this will give you the most survey opportunities. Just log in and answer a few questions about different categories.

How to Take the Most Surveys

e-Rewards sends email surveys right to your inbox. Click through to a survey, but don’t delete that email quite yet. You’ll first have to answer a few questions that either qualify you or disqualify you for this particular survey. If you are disqualified, you’ll earn a small amount of credit, like $.25.

Once you either are disqualified or complete a survey, it will keep going to another survey until there are no more surveys left.

But wait! Go back to the original email you received and try again! Often, it will bring up new surveys even though it told you a few moments ago that there were no more surveys available. Keep repeating this procedure with each and every email multiple times.

Once it finally tells you that there are no more surveys available, then and only then, hit the delete button on that particular email. Retry ALL emails multiple times until every single one tells you that there are no more surveys available.

You can also go to the e-Rewards website and log in to see if there are any more surveys available to you as another way to get points.

Redeeming for Miles and Points

You can redeem e-Rewards currency in a variety of categories, including travel and airline miles/points. You’ll have to know your frequent flyer number to do this, so have it handy when redeeming.

You can redeem $25 worth of e-Rewards for 500 miles/points on most airlines.

Southwest offers a variety of redemption options that include:

  • $15 e-Rewards Currency = 250 Southwest points
  • $25 e-Rewards Currency = 500 Southwest points
  • $50 e-Rewards Currency = 1,000 Southwest points
  • $100 e-Rewards Currency = 2,000 Southwest points

I usually redeem $100 worth of e-Rewards for 2,000 points on an airline. You can only redeem once every 30 days for the same airline, so that’s why I do it in the highest increment possible.

For Southwest, it says it can take between four to six weeks for the redemption points to post to your Rapid Rewards account. I usually see the points on my account in about a week.

Other airlines who participate include:

  • Iberia
  • British Airways
  • American
  • Alaska
  • JetBlue
  • United
  • Frontier
  • Virgin Atlantic

The site keeps track of all the surveys you’ve ever taken as well as your redemptions. If you don’t get credit for a survey you’ve taken, you can contact customer support, AND GET A RESPONSE FROM A REAL PERSON within the site via email.

Do this right away if a survey has a glitch, so you can remember what the survey was about. When taking a lot of surveys, it’s hard to remember the survey number, topic and the amount of money you were supposed to receive. I take a screen shot of the last screen I received with the glitch in case I need proof. I usually just tell them what the survey was about and explain the situation. Many times, I have received all or some of the e-Rewards dollars as a result.

NOTE: The points you earn from e-Rewards surveys DO NOT QUALIFY for the Southwest Companion Pass (which lets one person fly free with you for up to two years) or elite status on any airline.

2. Rewards for Opinions 

Rewards for Opinions

Rewards for Opinions is exclusively a Southwest Airlines program that earns points that automatically go into your Southwest frequent flyer account.

Anyone can sign up for Rewards for Opinions by going HERE but ONLY if they’re accepting new members. If that link doesn’t work for some reason, try the steps listed above for e-Rewards but instead click on “Rewards for Opinions.”

You’ll also get 500 Southwest “bonus” points when you fill out your first survey within three months of enrolling. Hooray! Note: “Bonus” points DO NOT qualify for the Southwest Companion Pass. Allow up to six weeks for the “bonus” points and all earned Rewards for Opinions points to post to your Southwest account although it doesn’t usually take more than a day or two for them to post.

All OTHER points (not marked as “bonus”) earned from filling out these surveys DO qualify for the Southwest Companion Pass.

Completing Your Profile

Once logged in to Rewards for Opinions, you’ll see an area on the right of your screen that shows if your profile is complete. If it doesn’t say it’s 100% complete, follow the instructions to complete it, so that you get more surveys.

Earning Points

online survey laptop

Rewards for Opinions also sends surveys to your email. Just click through the link to fill out the survey. AGAIN, don’t delete that email yet!

If you don’t qualify for a survey after a few questions, it will let you know, and you’ll receive three incentive points for that survey. Most of the time, another survey will automatically pop up. Continue filling out surveys until it tells you that no more surveys are available.

Go back to your original email and click through again as mentioned for e-Rewards. Often, more surveys will pop up even though it had told you earlier that no more surveys were available. Just remember to click on the emails that you get multiple times until it comes back with a screen that says “No more surveys available.” Then feel free to delete.

In addition to completing surveys they send via email, you can also log in to your online account and click the “Surveys” button. Even though I had clicked through every single email multiple times and was told there were no more surveys, I logged into my account and there were many surveys still available. Again, continue to click through until it tells you no more surveys are available and then go back and do it all over again :). 

In four month’s time filling out surveys on Rewards for Opinions, I earned about 4,000 points. At the bottom of your screen on your Rewards for Opinions account, you can see how many points you’ve earned.

You can also look through your survey history participation and the points you’ve earned for each, though it only goes back 180 days. It won’t tell you your redemption history, however, since the points go directly into your Southwest account.

You also earn badges for different levels of participation, including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. At Diamond, you’ll receive surveys daily in your inbox, so there’s a benefit to holding a high status!

Redeeming for Miles/Points

Since these points go directly into your Rapid Rewards account point for point, you can redeem them for anything that Southwest points can buy like airline tickets, car rentals, gift cards, merchandise, experiences and even cruises!

Are the Questions Too Personal?

I know some people feel like the questions they ask may be too personal, but that doesn’t bother me. While I don’t always give all of my information (a lot of times there is a “Prefer Not to Answer” choice) or give completely 100% accurate information about personal things, I do give them a general ballpark answer that would generate the same result. I don’t think stating my birthday one month off of what it really is would skew their results dramatically. 🙂 

In Conclusion

Why not use any time you spend waiting taking surveys to earn you a lot of miles and points toward for MORE FREE TRAVEL?

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve joined one of these programs and how it has worked for you.


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