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Southwest Travel Credits: What to Know and How to Use Them [2022]

By Stephanie Antin, of Almost Free Family Travel

Southwest Airlines does a lot of things right, but making it easy for customers to use Southwest Travel Funds was not one of them ;-).

Lots of us were frustrated by having to remember our original confirmation number and what person they were tied to in order to retrieve the funds. 

My Travel Funds Southwest Airlines

Now Southwest Airlines has solved the problem, at least for funds from December 3, 2019 forward!

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The airline now has a tab to the My Account section of Southwest.com called My Travel Funds.

You could previously access a page from the Manage Reservations page that would allow you to check your Unused Travel Funds balance, but it was hard to find and not very user-friendly. 


What Are Southwest Travel Funds?

Southwest Airlines Arizona

Southwest Unused Travel Funds are simply a “credit” that Southwest grants you.

The credit is tied to the original person they were associated with.

Southwest flight credits unexpired on, or created on or after July 28, 2022 do NOT expire!

You can only use these funds to pay for future flights, NOT for Early Bird.

That meant that you HAD to keep track of the confirmation number, the original flight booking date and the person it was associated with in order to use it as a payment method with Southwest in the future.

Lastly, Southwest will only let you use three payment types for one fare.

These include:

  • Cash/credit
  • Unused Travel Fund (each 1 counts as 1 payment type)
  • Gift cards/certificates/travel vouchers

So you may not NOT be able to use multiple Unused Travel Funds credits to pay for one fare, which is a bummer.

To use them as a payment type for a future flight, choose Travel Funds on the payment screen.


How Would I Get an Unused Travel Fund?

At Southwest.com it’s easy to see if a fare you’ve booked has increased or decreased in price since you originally booked it.

For example, if you cancel a Wanna Get Away fare that you paid with cash or credit, you will get an Unused Travel Fund for the amount.

It won’t be credited directly back to your card or bank account.

OR, if you find that a Wanna Get Away fare that you’ve already booked has dropped in price (you should check that at least every week!) — and you paid with cash/credit — and you rebook that flight, you’ll get an Unused Travel Fund for the difference in the fare price.

This is a big reason — among many — why it’s better to book with points, because points go RIGHT BACK INTO YOUR ACCOUNT so you can use them again, instead of getting a “credit.”


How to Use the New Travel Funds Feature

When you click on the new My Travel Funds tab from your My Account page, you will see a list of your unused travel funds. So handy!

Unused Travel Funds screen
I don’t have any showing yet, as I haven’t canceled anything after December 3, 2019!

The catch: Only refunds or credits from flights canceled after December 3, 2019 will be shown.

So this feature is apparently only going moving forward.


How Can I See What Travel Funds I Have PRIOR to December 3?

Check Travel Funds Southwest

Click this Check Travel Funds page on Southwest.com, but you’ll need to have the confirmation number and the name of the original person it was tied to.

Don’t know your confirmation number?

Click on My Trips/Past Trips under My Account on Southwest.com to pull old confirmation numbers.

You’re welcome :).

This feature is just another reason why we love Southwest Airlines! 


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5 thoughts on “Southwest Travel Credits: What to Know and How to Use Them [2022]”

  1. We found out the hard way this year. We had 3 price drops on one flight = $70. We planned on a weekend getaway JUST TO USE OUR CREDIT. Turns out, we could only use one of the price drops to book a new flight. We were already committed to our trip, but it was not nearly as “free” as we planned. In the past, especially in the case of price drops/credit on the same flight, the total amount was available. Not a good change.

    • Did you call SW to see if they could apply all 3 refunds to one flight? I’m curious, because I know that sometimes they can do things that aren’t available on the website.

      • So I have called Southwest and asked about this in the past and they told me about the whole 3 payment types thing. The problem is if you’re paying for part of it with a credit card, that counts as one type. But you should be able to at least use two Unused Travel Funds unless you have another payment type I’m not thinking of…

  2. My Flight was cancelled upon arrival to the airport with “No Notifications”.
    We were told it’s delayed only for 2 hours, when we reach the airport and check with customer service that’s when we found out of the cancellation but “NO REASON”. I need a LUV Voucher, I spend extras for Ride Fares and Airport Parking because of the incidents. I’ve always luv Southwest and never have Problem until now. I also missed my Birthday Bash that night because of the cancellation. I am so Dissapointed! Please contact me asap!



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