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Reader Question: Can Two People Earn Points Toward One Southwest Companion Pass?

Here is a recent reader question I received that others may also be wondering! Can Two People Earn Points Toward One Southwest Companion Pass? The actual question I received was: Once my spouse and I both open Southwest credit cards to earn points, how do we link both of them to one Rapid Rewards account?… Continue reading

Reader Question: Do I Need to Check in Separately for a Connecting Southwest Flight?
Southwest Connecting Flight

When it comes to flying Southwest Airlines, checking in is really important, because it determines when you board the plane — and thus, what seat you get! So a common question I have gotten from readers, especially those who are new to flying Southwest Airlines is: Do I have to check in separately for a… Continue reading

Reader Questions: Can a Companion Fly Standby on Southwest Free?

We shared the news that those who hold elite status with Southwest Airlines can now fly standby the same day as their original flight for no fee. But one Go to Travel Gal reader asked: What about my Companion? Can my Companion Fly Standby on Southwest Free? It doesn’t help me to fly standby for… Continue reading

Reader Question: Can I Use My Points Before I Earn My Southwest Companion Pass?

Here’s a recent question from a reader that I wanted to share the answer to in case anyone else is wondering the same: Can I use my Rapid Rewards points before I’ve earned the Southwest Companion Pass? The answer is yes. As soon as you accrue Rapid Rewards points, you can go ahead and use them. Even… Continue reading

Reader Question: Do Transferred Rapid Rewards Points Count Toward the Southwest Companion Pass?

This is a great question, as wouldn’t it be nice if your spouse could simply transfer over his or her Rapid Rewards point, so combined with yours you could reach Southwest Companion Pass status? Unfortunately, you can’t do this. Southwest DOES NOT count transferred points toward Companion Pass status. You gotta earn those puppies yourself… Continue reading

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