Looking for the best Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping deals?

Here is a list, updated weekly each Monday, of the top points-earning opportunities on the portal.

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Online shopping

The Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal

The Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal lets you earn “free” points by starting online shopping at the portal and then clicking through to a specific retailer’s website.

Generally these offers allow you to earn a set number of points per dollar spent.

You can also earn a set number of points not dependent on the dollar amount on a variety of items, which include print and digital newspaper and magazine subscriptions, one-time product purchases like 23andMe genetic testing kits or even subscriptions to Weight Watchers, Blue Apron meal preparation program or CBS All Access.

Here you can get step-by-step instructions for how to use the Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal to ensure you never miss a point!

If you accumulate 110,000 qualifying Southwest points (anything marked as “bonus” points in the portal do NOT qualify but can be used for free travel), you can earn the Southwest Companion Pass, which lets one person fly free with up for up to two years.

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Top Rapid Rewards Shopping Deals

Rapid Rewards Shopping

Here are the best deals I could find in terms of points per dollars spent and/or usefulness of the item as of January 15, 2018. Not much has changed since last week, aside from the Economist offer decreasing, New York Times paid subscription amount decreasing (+ the option of a Crosswords subscription), Weight Watchers dollar amount decreasing and adding CVS to the list.


This is my favorite deal of the week and is still ongoing. No end date listed.

Barron’s – 700 points, $1 for 8 weeks

Must be active for 45 days, 1 per household

Set Point Amounts

  • TurboTax Online Versions Federal eFile – 1000 BONUS points
    • For Free, Deluxe, Premier and Self-employed – Free to $39.99-$89.99
  • The Economist – 550 points (down from 700 points), 12 weeks for $12
    • Be sure to cancel this on the deadline as it renews at $45!!; new subscriptions only; 1 per household
  • New York Times – 700 points, $7.50/month (down from $15)
    • New subscribers, 1 per household, must be active 90 days
  • New York Times Crosswords – 700 points, $6.95/month
    • New subscribers, 1 per household, must be active 90 days
  • Barron’s – 700 points, $1 for 8 weeks
    • Must be active for 45 days, 1 per household
  • Wall Street Journal – 700 points, $12 for 12 weeks
    • Must be active for 30 days, 1 per household
  • 23andMe genetic testing – 700 points, $199 or $169
  • Texture – 550 points, 3 months for $10
    • 90 days, 1 per household, new subscribers (use a different email address)
  • WeightWatchers.com – 550 points, OnlinePlus $47 for 3 months (This is the best deal they offer all year!)
    • New accounts only (so use a new email if you’ve been a member in the past)
  • HostGator – 350 points, hosting packages of 6 months or longer at $3.95/month
  • SiriusXM – 350 points, $29.94 for 6 months
    • New subscriptions, active 30 days
  • CBS All Access – 300 points, cost not available (must try it free first)
    • New memberships, 1 per household, active 30 days

Points Per Dollar

  • DiscountMags.com – 20 points per $1
  • E-File.com – 15 points per $1
  • Magazineline.com – 15 points per $1
  • Magazines.com – 15 points per $1 (up from 7 points)
  • ValueMags.com – 15 points per $1
  • Restaurant.com (discounted restaurant gift certificates) – 9 points per $1
  • H&R Block – 6 points per $1
  • eBags.com – 5 points per $1 (up from 4 points)
  • GoDaddy.com (domain names, website/blog hosting) – 5 points per $1
  • Kohl’s – 3 points per $1 (up from 2 points)
  • Old Navy – 3 points per $1 (up from 1 point)
  • Sam’s Club – 2 points per $1 (up from 1 point)
  • CVS.com – 2 points per $1 (up from 1 point)
  • Gap.com – 3 points per $1 (up from 2 point)

Here is the full list of offers.

Which will you take advantage of?

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