Need to get in touch with Southwest Airlines? Looking for Southwest Airlines contact information? Whether you left something on a plane, didn’t get your Southwest points or have a question about the Southwest Companion Pass, I’ve got you covered…

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Southwest Airlines Contact Info: Phone Number/s

1-800-I-FLY-SWA or 1-800-435-9792

Rapid Rewards Customer Service – 1-800-445-5764

If you left an item at a TSA Checkpoint – 1-866-289-9673

Automated Flight Information – 1-888-792-8747

Southwest Airlines Email

You can email Southwest using this link.

Southwest Airlines Mailing Address

Southwest Airlines
P.O. Box 36647-1CR
Dallas, Texas 75235

What to Do If You Didn’t Get Your Southwest Points

Rather than try and call Southwest about a problem with Southwest points, I’ve found it much simpler and quicker to be in touch with Southwest customer service online.

For problems with the Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal, visit the portal and then scroll down to the bottom and select Contact Us. There you’ll be presented with a form where you can fill out all the details about the transaction for which you are expecting points.

Remember to allow eight weeks for the points to post before you contact Southwest Airlines.

To help you keep track of how long it’s been since you made a purchase, I’ve created a handy Airline Shopping Portal Tracking Spreadsheet that is part of my Get Organized: Miles & Points Toolkit that also includes four other nifty tools. Once you enter in the date of purchase, it automatically populates the date for eight weeks in the future.

Other Reasons to Contact Southwest

If you have a Southwest points issue for something other than the Southwest shopping portal — perhaps booking a hotel room through Southwest’s web site or renting a car through Southwest — go to the main Southwest website at and select Contact Us at the bottom left.

How to Contact Southwest

Click Contact Us and then Send us an Email Message.

You will then get a form to fill out with your issue.

This is also a good way to reach them if you have a complaint about your flight or you left something of value on the plane. You will have to fill out flight number and incident date, so even if a flight is not involved, be prepared to fill in that field with something.

How to contact Southwest Airlines

Within an hour or so, you should receive an email noting that they received your request. Then it has taken them about two days to get back with me, but both times the issue was quickly resolved and the requested points issued to my account.

Let me know if you have any problems contacting Southwest Airlines customer service!

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