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The Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal is a free, easy and fun way to add points to your Southwest Rapid Rewards account to get you more free travel on Southwest Airlines!

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You simply need to start ALL online shopping at the Southwest Shopping Portal to earn a return on money you would be spending anyway! In addition to earning Southwest points, sometimes up to 15 points per dollar spent, you may also find special coupons or discounts to save you even more on the Southwest Shopping Portal. Win, win, win!

6 Steps for Using the Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal

Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal

  1. Visit: and make sure you are signed in to your Rapid Rewards account.
  2. Search for the store where you’d like to shop. Different stores, which are partners with Southwest, offer different rewards at varying times. For example, you might earn 5 points per $1 at Kohl’s, 2 points per $1 at Best Buy and 4 points per $1 at Sears. I keep you posted on with all best offers! Check out all the current best Rapid Rewards Points offers.
  3. Click on the store within the Southwest Shopping Portal where you want to shop and review the box that appears with the terms of the offer. This informs you of what you are required to do and what you are getting in return.
  4. Click Shop Now.
  5. Do your online shopping and your points should be automatically added to your account within a couple days, though Southwest says it can take up to 8 weeks (rarely does it take this long).
  6. Don’t see your points after 7 days? Contact Southwest! Here’s how.

Before you begin shopping, keep these 3 things in mind to be sure you get your Southwest points.

Double-Dip by Paying with a Southwest Credit Card

If you pay for your purchase using your Southwest Chase Rapid Rewards credit cards or Chase Sapphire Preferred (whose points can be transferred to Southwest), you will earn an additional point per dollar for the purchase ON TOP of the points you earned by starting at the Shopping Portal. I like to call that Double Dipping :). Just be sure you pay off your expenditure on your credit card within a couple days so you do not get yourself into debt.

If you decide to apply for any of the credit cards in this post, please start at the TRAVEL CREDIT CARDS link in the Go to Travel Gal main menu. This allows me to earn a commission — at no cost to you — to help pay the blogging bills 🙂 and continue to bring you great information for free! Thank you for taking this step!

Do These Points Qualify for the Southwest Companion Pass?

Most points earned through the Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal DO count toward the 110,000 Southwest points needed to earn the Southwest Companion Pass. The Southwest Companion Pass is an amazing deal that lets one person fly free with you for up to two years!

If you see any points that Southwest shopping says are “bonus points,” these WILL NOT qualify for the Companion Pass, but you CAN use them for free travel.

What If the Item I Need Is in the Store and Not Online or I Need It Quickly?

See if you can order the item online by starting at the shopping portal so you don’t miss out on earning points and then choose Store Pick-up.

Then you can go to the store and pick it up as soon as they have it ready for you. If you don’t start online, you CAN’T earn any free Southwest points!

Inside Tips for Using the Southwest Shopping Portal

To find the best deals on the Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal, here are some different parts of the website to check:

  • Click on Categories to search by category of item that you are interested in.
  • The Category titled Books, Music & Movies and then Subscriptions often has some of the biggest Southwest points offers – up to hundreds of points for just a small spend. These may include subscribing to the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s or USA Today for $1-$25 and earning hundreds of points.
  • Purchase Gift Cards from some of your favorite stories by viewing Offers/Gift Cards
  • Try clicking on Offers and then All Online Offers and sorting by highest earn rate to see your options for earning the MOST Rapid Rewards points.
  • Click Stores to search alphabetically by your favorite stores or sort by earn rate; alternately type the store you are looking for in the Search Bar.
  • Look under Offers for special holiday promotions that may allow you to earn bonus points if you spend a set amount in the Shopping Portal within a set period of time.
  • Don’t want to pay shipping? Check Offers/Free Shipping to see which stores have free shipping offers.

Using the Shopping Portal During the Holidays

Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal

A great time to use the Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal is during the holiday season where you may be making more purchases than usual. Again, you’re going to be making these purchases anyway, so you might as well earn free Southwest points by doing so!

Make it a habit to start all of your holiday shopping at the portal, even for items you want to pick up in store and even for gift cards. Pay with your Southwest credit card or Chase Sapphire Preferred to load up on even more points and then go right in and pay off the balance.

Note: This post contains affiliate links for which I may earn a commission if you may a purchase after clicking through.

Many of us make use of the Amazon Prime membership (get a 30-day trial at this link) that offers free shipping to buy lots of items at Amazon over the holidays. Unfortunately, is not usually an option in the Rapid Rewards portal.

But I have found that my Discover it® – Cashback Match card lets me save 5% on all purchases from October-December – a great way to save on Amazon, a store for which it can be hard to find coupons or other discounts.

Don’t forget to start at the TRAVEL CREDIT CARDS link in the main menu to apply for any credit cards. I sincerely appreciate you taking this step!

What questions do you have about using Southwest Airlines’ shopping portal? Have I convinced you to start ALL your online shopping there?

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