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Southwest Airlines is hands down my favorite airline. I have had bad experiences on both budget carriers (Frontier, I’m talking to you!) and other major airlines. I really hate bad customer service and being charged for every little thing.

We’ve never had a bad experience on Southwest, and with my Companion Pass in hand that lets my husband fly free with me anywhere, we are able to reduce the number of miles we’ve saved to travel, allowing them to stretch much further.

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8 Reasons Why I LOVE to Fly Southwest Airlines

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1.  2 FREE Checked Bags Per Person

This is a great perk, especially for families who generally need to travel with more stuff. Try as I might, I cannot condense my family’s gear into one bag. My husband’s shoes alone about fill half a bag!

While we never take two bags per person, we will often fly with three checked bags and one carry-on. This allows us to bring an entire bag with non-perishable snacks and breakfast items, as well as our handy dandy portable fan :). Yea!

2.  No Change Fees

Southwest does not charge if you need to cancel or change your reservation; you will only pay the difference in the fare price. If you book with Southwest Rapid Rewards Points and need to cancel, they are simply credited back to your account. SO helpful!

We will often book a trip, even if we are not certain of it, locking in a good rate but knowing we can cancel at any time. One note: If you pay with cash versus points for Wanna Getaway fares, they only credit your account the amount reimbursed in the form of “Unused Travel Funds,” which must be used within one year and by the person with whose reservation they are associated versus giving you the cash back.

So paying with Southwest points is better for the cheaper fares.

3.  No Blackout Dates

When you book using your Southwest points, you have access to the same flights and fares as everyone else — even though popular dates and times may cost more points. Most other miles programs limit award availability.

4.  Points are Based on Cost

I wait to purchase flights until Southwest is having a sale, because the points required to purchase a flight are based on the cost of the flight. So waiting until a good sale will help you conserve and maximize the Rapid Rewards Points you have accumulated. Check out the latest Southwest sale here.

5.  Free TV!

On Southwest, you can watch 19 TV channels and up to 75 TV episodes on demand on your personal device via their AirTime app for no cost. This really helps entertain my school-age kiddos. 

Here is a list of compatible devices and how to connect to Southwest WiFi.

6.  Southwest Points Don’t Expire So Long as You Hold a Southwest Card

This is great news because you can accumulate the miles and wait until you’re ready to use them; no pressure. Otherwise, you will need to have some sort of points activity every 24 months.

Here are my tips for easy ways to keep your Southwest points active if you (or a family member) doesn’t hold a Southwest credit card:

6 Ways to Keep Southwest Points From Expiring

7.  Reasonable Fares

We find that Southwest regularly has very reasonable fares (ie $49-$69 one way) to many of our favorite destinations like Denver, New York City, San Diego and Orlando.

8.  Fly One Person With You Free for up to TWO Years

Yes, it’s true! This happens once you qualify for the Southwest Companion Pass, which you can earn with very little effort after accumulating 110,000 qualifying points. The person you designate as your companion flies free with you from the time you qualify until the end of the following year.

Don’t just take my word for it! Find out why the bloggers at ACouplefortheRoad.com like Southwest, too! Read their Southwest Airlines review.

Do you love to fly Southwest? Tell me why!

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