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To me, Southwest is the simplest and easiest airline to fly around the U.S. I have focused my blog around not only travel tips and news, but in showing people how they — and their entire families — can fly nearly free on this domestic airline with a few simple steps. My family has flown to SIX destinations in just ONE year for less than $100 per flight for all four of us. Everyone needs to know easy it is to do this!

Download my free guide on how to fly free on Southwest to get started!

Here are my top 6 reasons it’s so easy to fly free on Southwest:

  1. You can quickly earn TONS of points by simply signing up for two credit cards: the Chase Southwest Rapid Reward Premier or Plus and the Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Business Premier cards. Pick any two of the three when they offer a 40,000-50,000 point sign-up bonus (which ALL THREE are right now: Personal Premier ($99 annual fee), Personal Plus ($69 annual fee), Business Premier ($99 annual fee) after spending $2000 on each within three months. After the minimum spend and earning 1 point per dollar spent, you will have accrued 104,000 points if you accrue to 50,000-point bonuses.
  2. After your first 104,000 points, it’s easy to reach Southwest Companion Pass status by earning another 6000 points through every day spending on the cards or other ways (see 4 Easy Ways to Earn Rapid Rewards Points) to reach the status threshold of 110,000 points. This means ONE person can fly free with you from the time you earn the status until the end of the FOLLOWING year (which right now would be 2017). This makes your points go so much further! Now your 110,00o points is effectively 220,000 points. Please download my free ebook, “The Step-by-Step Guide to Earning your Southwest Companion Pass and Flying Free Around the U.S.” to learn more.
  3. The points needed to book a Southwest flight are based on the current price of the flight. So if you wait until Southwest is having a sale, you can book your flights for the lowest possible points, continuing to stretch them. It’s a good idea to study the price of a flight over time, so you know its lowest threshold and can wait to book the fare until that point. Here’s How to Know if a Southwest Sale is a Good One.
  4. Southwest charges no cancellation fees. This means even if you’re not sure the price has reached its lowest point, you can go ahead and book, knowing you can change the flight later if the price drops and get a refund of points spent. If you want to cancel entirely, the Rapid Rewards Points simply go back into your Rapid Rewards account. Read 8 Reasons Why I LOVE to Fly Southwest.
  5. There are no blackout dates for awards seats. Unlike other airline rewards programs who only open awards seats on certain dates on certain flights, all Southwest flights are bookable through points/awards. Yee ha! So much easier than constantly searching for an award seat!
  6. Rapid Rewards points don’t expire. So even if you earn points five years ago, they’ll still be good today.

Recap — Here are the Southwest cards you’ll need to start flying free (pick 2 out of 3):

Don’t forget to download my free step-by-step guide to flying free on Southwest, including how to earn the Companion Pass!

Have you ever flown free on Southwest? Are you ready to learn how? Let me know!

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