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I wanted to humbly share with you how to support Go to Travel Gal. To support the blog and allow me to continue to focus more of my efforts on gathering, writing and sharing great information with you FREE to help you live the dream of MORE TRAVEL, please begin the application process for any credit cards via the TRAVEL CREDIT CARDS link in my main menu above.

How This Helps Go to Travel Gal

By starting any credit card applications there, you allow Go to Travel Gal to earn a commission, which in turn allows me to pay the blogging bills, which continue to grow as our awesome community keeps growing at a rapid clip. I sincerely appreciate you taking this extra step!

I have found that growing a travel blog is not a cheap endeavor. As visits increase, so must bandwidth, security, design, email programs and more. So thank you, thank you, thank you for your help! We are currently at more than 2700 subscribers and 30,000 page views every month.

What to Do

The credit card companies have very strict regulations about how you can link to them, so for most I am NOT ALLOWED to link to them directly in my posts or in my ebook. That is why I ask you to click the TRAVEL CREDIT CARDS link in the main menu.

The link includes most major credit cards, so please consider starting there for ANY credit card applications. Some cards do allow me to include buttons within the post (such as for the Hilton, Marriott and Starwood Preferred Guest cards), so feel free to use a button if you see it.

Please know, there is NO ADDED COST to you; it simply allows me to earn a commission.

I do not want you to apply for any credit cards that you are not comfortable with, nor do I want you to EVER apply for a card that you cannot responsibly pay to a ZERO balance every month. Because paying a high interest rate means you are no longer getting nearly free travel; it fact it’s costing you quite a bit.

BUT if you have strategically considered a card and have decided to apply, I greatly appreciate you starting at my link.

Other Ways to Help

You can also help support the blog by purchasing the $15 Southwest Toolkit, which offers 5 handy tools for keeping track of your loyalty programs, credit cards, Rapid Rewards Shopping, completion of minimum spends and flight bookings.

Southwest Toolkit

Or by signing up for my online Frugal Flyer course, which teaches you how to fly free around the U.S. on all the major U.S. airlines, including Delta, United, Southwest and American, and includes many tools, step-by-step plans to get to top destinations and more.

Frugal Flyer Online Course

To Sum It Up

Thank you for your continued readership, love and support of Go to Travel Gal! I greatly appreciate you considering taking this step. Always feel free to reach out with questions, comments, suggestions for however I can help you find more ways to travel nearly free. I read and respond to ALL emails!

Love you guys!

Happy travels!

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