Chase Reconsideration Line

If you’ve been declined after applying for a Chase credit card, depending on the reason, there may be hope! You can call the Chase Reconsideration Line at 1-888-270-2127 to see if they will “reconsider” your application.

Our Story

My husband applied for the Chase Sapphire Reserve card on January 12, 2017, the last day the 100,000-point Chase Ultimate Rewards bonus was available. Chase Ultimate Rewards can be transferred to airlines like Southwest and British Airways, as well as a variety of hotel chains. I am currently ineligible to apply because I hold three Chase cards: Rapid Rewards Business Premier, Rapid Rewards Personal Premier and Chase Sapphire Preferred (similar benefits but not as good and lower annual fee). They have declined me for any additional cards, saying I have hit their max of three. Boo!

He was denied with the letter stating that he had incurred too many credit inquiries with Chase. He had applied for a different Chase card in December, and unfortunately, the applications fell within 30 days of each other. We would not have applied so closely, but we did not hear until AFTER he applied for the first card that the Chase Sapphire Reserve 100,000-point bonus would go away after January 12.

I suspected based on the letter he received that the two applications within 30 days was the reason and so I had him call the Chase Reconsideration Line. Long story short, he was ultimately approved but we spent about 30 minutes on the phone with a very nice Customer Service Agent. She commented that he was now past the 30-day mark after of the date he applied for the first Chase card and so she could “consider” him again, so clearly 30 DAYS is the amount of time that must pass between card applications.

I’ve also heard people suggest that you can apply for two Chase cards within one day, saying it only shows up as one “hit” or “pull” to your credit for Chase. But I have not tried this approach, so I cannot vouch for it.

What to Know When Calling the Chase Reconsideration Line

  • Make sure you have at least 30 minutes to spend with them.
  • Have your explanation ready regarding why you want this card, and if you applied for a different card within 30 days, why that happened.
  • Have financial information available, including:
    • Monthly rent or mortgage payment
    • Reasons for any credit inquiries within the last year or two (such as “We bought a new home” or “We were looking for an equity line” or “We bought a new car”)
    • Total household income and which year it is based on
    • If self-employed, the business profit
  • If a spouse is on the phone with you, they have to run through an “approval” process for you to allow them to speak on your behalf
  • If the application was for a Chase business credit card, you will need:
    • EIN number
    • Possible proof of your involvement in the business (some sort of official document with your name and the official name of the business)
    • Business sales and profit
    • Tax documents for the previous year

We were asked all of the above (except for the items for a business card application) and I jumped on to help my husband since I handle most of the family finances.

Additionally, the Chase rep said we were still eligible for the 100,000-point bonus because the original application date was on or before January 12.

I also had to call the Chase Reconsideration Line when I first applied for the Southwest Business Premier card and was initially denied. After producing and faxing quite a bit of supporting documentation, I was approved.

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To Sum It Up

So, there is hope in the Chase Reconsideration Line! You may have been denied on the first go-around but there’s plenty of reason to think you will be approved — with a little extra information and documentation — on your second try. Don’t be discouraged. Keep at it until you’ve tried everything to get an approval!

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