We have a NEW Southwest sale that covers domestic flights, as well as a sale for international flights. Both sales end Thursday, January 24 at 11:59 p.m. in each originating city’s respective time zone.

Note: See the bottom of this post for how to check and see if there is a cheaper price on flights you’ve already booked and get refunded points or a travel credit if you paid for it. There is NO FEE to change or cancel flights on Southwest.

Please note, Southwest has stopped including points prices in their sale listings, so I can only show you the cash price. However, the cash price should give you an indication of what the points price is likely to be, and you can click through on the gold “Go” button to check points prices, as well.

Also, you can often get better deals by taking a connecting flight, so don’t forget to consider those fares, as well.

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Southwest Domestic Sale Details

Dates: The sale is good for nonstop domestic Wanna Getaway fares January 29 through May 22, 2019 any day but Friday and Sunday with a few exceptions. Travel to Puerto Rico is slightly different.

There are no black-out dates.

My assessment: This sale is roughly the same as the last one with some fares increasing by $2-$3 per way. These tend to be around the standard sale prices we see for these destinations.

There are some good fares to Denver in case you want to head out west to ski! Check out my tips for what to do in Beaver Creek, Colorado in winter, which is easily accessible from Denver.

Sample Southwest Sale Fares

Beaver Creek, Colorado Women Social Ski

There are some good deals if you want to visit nearby ski resorts like Beaver Creek. Credit Vail Resort

Here are some of the best fares I found as part of this Southwest sale:

  • Albany to Baltimore/Washington – $98
  • Albuquerque to Las Vegas, Denver or Phoenix – $81-$88
  • Atlanta to Boston, Columbus (Ohio), Nashville – $67-$72
  • Atlanta to Orlando, or Ft. Myers – $82-$85
  • Austin to Denver or New Orleans – $86-$87
  • Baltimore/Washington to Grand Rapids – $87
  • Birmingham to Orlando – $96
  • Boise to San Diego – $92
  • Boston to Atlanta – $72
  • Buffalo, NY to Chicago or Ft. Lauderdale – $96-$97
  • Burbank to San Jose – $49
  • Charlotte to Baltimore/Washington or Nashville – $91-$96
  • Chicago Midway to Boston, Memphis, Omaha – $89
  • Chicago Midway to New York LaGuardia, New York Newark  – $91
  • Cincinnati to Baltimore Washington – $74
  • Cleveland to Atlanta, Nashville, St. Louis, Baltimore/Washington – $94-$98
  • Columbus, Ohio to Chicago, Ft. Myers or Tampa – $88-$89
  • Dallas to Denver, Minneapolis  – $93-$97
  • Denver to Albuquerque, Austin, Burbank – $86-$87
  • Denver to Vegas, Long Beach – $79-$84
  • Denver to San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego – $99
  • Detroit to Atlanta or Chicago Midway – $82-$83
  • El Paso to LA or San Diego – $90-$92
  • Ft. Lauderdale to Washington Dulles, Washington Reagan, Philly – $92-$96
  • Ft. Myers to Columbus, Ohio or Indianapolis – $89
  • Grand Rapids to Baltimore/Washington, Chicago Midway – $84-$87
  • Hartford, CT to Tampa – $96 ($101 in last sale)
  • Houston to Louisville or Atlanta – $93-$96
  • Indy to Ft. Myers – $89 (This is available over spring break, though return flights are a lot more expensive)
  • Indy to Denver – $92
  • Jacksonville to Ft. Lauderdale – $59
  • Kansas City to Denver, St. Louis – $79
  • Las Vegas to Long Beach, Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco – $51, many other Cali cities for $61
  • Long Beach to Vegas – $51
  • LA to San Jose – $49
  • LA to Vegas or various Cali cities – $61
  • Louisville to Chicago – $88
  • Lubbock to Denver – $69
  • Memphis to Chicago or Orlando – $89-$91
  • Milwaukee to St. Louis – $99
  • Minneapolis to Nashville – $79
  • Nashville to St. Louis – $83
  • New Orleans to Ft. Lauderdale or Orlando – $87-$91
  • New York/Newark to Chicago – $91
  • New York/LaGuardia to Chicago – $91
  • Oakland to San Diego – $61
  • OKC to Denver or Dallas – $67-$69
  • Omaha to Chicago – $89
  • Ontario to Vegas and multiple Cali cities – $61
  • Orange Co to Vegas – $92
  • Orlando to Atlanta, Austin, Birmingham, Memphis, New Orleans, Nashville – $85-$96
  • Panama City Beach or Pensacola to Nashville – $97
  • Philadelphia to Ft. Lauderdale – $96
  • Phoenix to San Diego – $92, lots of other Cali cities for $74-$84
  • Pittsburgh to Tampa – $79
  • Portland, ME to Baltimore/Washington – $98
  • Portland, OR to San Diego – $97, several Cali cities for between $70-$73
  • Raleigh/Durham to Orlando – $79
  • Reno to LA – $96
  • Richmond, VA to Atlanta – $91
  • Sacramento to San Diego – $49; multiple Cali cities – $61
  • Salt Lake City to Las Vegas – $59
  • San Antonio to Atlanta, Denver or Kansas City – $92-$99
  • San Diego to San Jose, Sacramento – $49
  • San Francisco to Vegas – $51
  • San Jose to LA, San Diego or Burbank – $49
  • Seattle to San Jose, Sacramento, Oakland – $72
  • St. Louis to Nashville – $83
  • Tampa to Pittsburgh – $79
  • Tucson to Los Angeles – $85
  • Tulsa to Dallas or Denver – $76-$82
  • Washington Dulles or Washington Reagan to Ft. Lauderdale – $92
  • West Palm Beach to Atlanta – $93
  • Wichita to Phoenix – $99

Here is the direct link to the Southwest sale. Click on your home airport (or nearest airport) from the dropdown list to see sale prices to various destinations.

International Southwest Sale

International Southwest sale

The International Southwest sale is for flights throughout the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico.

One our favorite recent trips was to Grand Cayman via Ft Lauderdale on Southwest for $59 per flight. I highly recommend it! The island is beautiful, the people are friendly, and good or bad, it feels like you’re still in America, so is quite safe and familiar :).

Here’s how we flew to Grand Cayman for ~$260 per person:

How We Flew 4 to Grand Cayman for ~$260 Per Person

This sale is for nonstop Monday through Thursday flights January 29 through March 6, 2019 and April 23 through May 16, 2019. Complete rules here.

This sale ends January 24, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. in each originating city’s time zone.

My assessment: Prices in this sale are either the same as the last sale or slightly higher by about $2-$5 per way.

For spring flights, keep in mind that for 2018, we saw the BEST Caribbean sale in February, so hopefully that will be the case this year, as well.

Here are some sample one-way flights as part of the Southwest sale:

  • Atlanta to Cancun – $167 ($159 recently)
  • Austin to Cancun – $169 ($167 recently)
  • Baltimore/Washington to Cancun – $179 ($159 recently)
  • Chicago to Cancun – $179 ($177 recently)
  • Chicago to Cabo San Lucas – $204 ($185 recently)
  • Denver to Cancun – $177 ($179 recently)
  • Ft. Lauderdale to Cancun – $97 ($87 recently)
  • Ft. Lauderdale to Grand Cayman – $71 ($59 recently)
  • Ft. Lauderdale to Havana, Cuba – $98 ($89 recently)
  • Ft. Lauderdale to San Jose, Costa Rica – $149 ($139 recently)
  • Houston to Belize City – $146 ($99 recently)
  • Houston to Cancun – $139 ($129 recently)
  • Houston to Liberia, Costa Rica – $183 ($178 recently)
  • Houston to Mexico City – $127 ($119 recently, has been as low as $99)
  • Houston to Puerto Vallarta – $159 ($129 recently)
  • Houston to San Jose, Costa Rica – $182 ($169 recently)
  • Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas – $119 ($99 recently)
  • Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta – $119 ($99 recently)
  • Oakland to Cabo San Lucas – $139 ($99 recently)
  • Oakland to Puerto Vallarta – $160 ($109 recently)
  • Orange County to Cabo San Lucas – $119 ($119 last sale)
  • San Diego to Cabo San Lucas – $110 ($108 recently)
  • St. Louis to Cancun – $193 ($147 recently, $185 in last sale)
  • Tampa to Havana, Cuba – $106 (same as last sale, though this gets as low as $99)

Here is the direct link to the international destinations Southwest sale.

How to Change a Flight on Southwest

If you’ve already booked a flight and want to see if there is a lower price, go to the Southwest.com, scroll down to the blue bar and click on Change/Cancel, enter your name and confirmation number, select Change and then review the current points prices.

Southwest sale

Southwest charges NO cancellation or change fees, so you can rebook with no penalty if you find a lower price.

With updates to Southwest’s online reservation system, when you select Change, the system now shows you how much more or less current fares are than what you paid (either in points or cash). This makes it super easy to see whether you should “change” your flights to get a lower fare.

This functionality does NOT work, however, if you have added “companion” from your Southwest Companion Pass to your ticket. You will have to go to the Southwest Low Fare Calendar, check prices, remember what you paid to start with and then see if you should rebook.

To rebook, you’ll need to first remove your Companion (under My Trips in your My Account section at Southwest.com). You can then readd them also under My Trips in your My Account section after you’ve rebooked the flight, though sometimes it takes 24 hours from booking before it will allow you to do that.

To help keep track of what you pay in points or cash each time you book a flight, so you can later compare it with sale prices, check out my Flight Tracker tool in the Frequent Flyer Toolkit. It’s super handy and a big time-saver rather than having to dig up what you paid for a flight each time you want to compare.

Combine these sales with the Southwest Companion Pass, which lets one person fly free with you, and you can stretch your points quite far. Download my free guide that walks you step by step through how to quickly and easily earn the Southwest Companion Pass below:

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