Southwest has a brand new sale that is the BEST sale I have seen Southwest offer in a long while and certainly the best THIS YEAR. Usually their best sale comes in June to celebrate their anniversary, but it looks like we got an early version. Book your flights NOW!

They are running ads on TV, which is one of my marks of a truly good Southwest sale, AND in their press release they described this sale as having “extra low” fares! They’re also calling it the “sale of the summer” on

This sale is good for nonstop flights largely on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for Wanna Getaway fares June 5 through October 31. There are no black-out dates listed, and there are no sale fares to/from Portland, Maine. There are no international flights as part of this sale.

Note: you can often get better deals by taking a connecting flight; see my Southwest deals page for examples.

The sale ends May 18, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. in each originating city’s respective time zone.

One note: Southwest seems to have stopped including points prices in their sale listings, unfortunately, so I can only show you the cash price. However, the cash price should give you an indication of what the points price is likely to be, and you can click through on the gold “Go” button to check points prices, as well.

My assessment: These are DEFINITELY lower prices than I have seen in many month with MANY flights from $49, so book NOW! And then cancel or change later (for no fee) if you need to.

There are also some new cities on the sale list. I’ve never seen Charleston, S.C., Long Island and a few others make the sale list. And, this is the first time I’ve seen decent fares to and from Charleston, S.C., which is a beautiful city to visit if you haven’t been!

Sample Southwest Sale Fares

Southwest Sale

There are tons of great flights to Florida as part of this TOP Southwest sale

Here are some of the best fares I found as part of this Southwest sale:

  • Atlanta to Nashville, New Orleans, Orlando and Jacksonville, Fla – $49
  • Austin to St. Louis – $79
  • Baltimore/Washington DC to Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Detroit and Raleigh/Durham  – $49
  • Birmingham to Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Orlando and Tampa – $79
  • Boise to Spokane and Sacramento – $44
  • Boston to Columbus – $79
  • Buffalo, NY to Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando – $99
  • Cincinnati to Baltimore/Washington – $49
  • Charleston, S.C. to Baltimore/Washington, Chicago Midway, Nashville – $79 (first time I’ve seen GOOD prices from Charleston!)
  • Charlotte to Baltimore/Washington, Chicago Midway – $77
  • Chicago Midway to Pittsburgh – $49
  • Chicago Midway to Raleigh/Durham, St. Louis, Omaha, OKC, Louisville, Nashville, Minneapolis, New York/Newark, KC, Birmingham – $79
  • Cleveland to Milwaukee – $49
  • Columbus, Ohio to Washington Reagan – $49
  • Dallas to San Diego – $99
  • Dallas to St. Louis – $79
  • Denver to Vegas, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Tulsa – $79
  • Detroit to Atlanta, Nashville, St. Louis – $79
  • Hartford, CT to Chicago, Ft. Lauderdale or Tampa – $99
  • Houston to Ft. Lauderdale, Vegas, Phoenix, Washington/Reagan – $99
  • Indy to Atlanta, Baltimore/Washington, KC, New York/Newark  – $79
  • LA to Salt Lake City, Tuscon, El Paso, Albuquerque – $79
  • Las Vegas to Orange County, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Diego – $49
  • Little Rock to St. Louis – $49 (down from $94 in the last “sale”!)
  • Long Island to Tampa, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach – $99
  • Louisville to Chicago Midway, Baltimore/Washington, Tampa – $77
  • Louisville to Orlando – $97
  • Manchester, NH to Chicago Midway, Orlando – $99
  • Milwaukee to Washington Reagan, St. Louis, New York LaGuardia, Atlanta, Baltimore/Washington – $79
  • Minneapolis to Chicago Midway, Denver, KC, Nashville and St. Louis – $79
  • Nashville to Charleston, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, KC, New Orleans, Orlando, Panama City Beach, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Washington Reagan – $79
  • Newark/New York to Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, St. Louis – $99
  • New York La Guardia to Tampa – $99
  • Oakland to pretty much anywhere in California + Reno – $49
  • Omaha to St. Louis, Denver, Chicago Midway – $79
  • Orange County to Denver – $99
  • Philly to Atlanta – $79
  • Phoenix to Vegas and San Diego – $49
  • Pittsburgh to Tampa, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale – $99
  • Providence to Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa – $99
  • Raleigh/Durham to Atlanta, Chicago Midway, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Nashville, Tampa, St. Louis – $79
  • Reno to Oakland, LAX, San Jose – $49
  • Rochester, NY to Tampa – $99
  • Salt Lake City to Vegas – $49
  • San Antonio to Ft. Lauderdale, LAX, Vegas, Nashville, San Diego, Tampa – $99
  • San Francisco to Denver – $99
  • Seattle to San Jose, Oakland, Sacramento – $79
  • St. Louis to Nashville – $49 + TONS of $79 flights
  • Tampa to Louisville, Nashville, New Orleans, Raleigh Durham – $79
  • Washington Dulles or Washington Reagan to Atlanta $79

Here is the direct link to the Southwest sale. Click on your home airport (or nearest airport) from the dropdown list to see sale prices to various destinations.

How to Change a Flight on Southwest

If you’ve already booked a flight and want to see if there is a lower price, go to the, scroll down to the blue bar and click on Change/Cancel, enter your name and confirmation number, select Change and then review the current points prices.

Southwest sale

Southwest charges NO cancellation or change fees, so you can rebook with no penalty if you find a lower price.

With updates to Southwest’s online reservation system, when you select Change, the system now shows you how much more or less current fares are than what you paid (either in points or cash). This makes it super easy to see whether you should “change” your flights to get a lower fare.

This functionality does NOT work, however, if you have added “companion” from your Southwest Companion Pass to your ticket. You will have to go to the Southwest Low Fare Calendar, check prices, remember what you paid to start with and then see if you should rebook.

To rebook, you’ll need to first remove your Companion (under My Trips in your My Account section at You can then readd them also under My Trips in your My Account section after you’ve rebooked the flight, though sometimes it takes 24 hours from booking before it will allow you to do that.

To help keep track of what you pay in points or cash each time you book a flight, so you can later compare it with sale prices, check out my Flight Tracker tool in the Frequent Flyer Toolkit. It’s super handy and a big time-saver rather than having to dig up what you paid for a flight each time you want to compare.

Combine these sales with the Southwest Companion Pass, which lets one person fly free with you, and you can stretch your points quite far. Download my free guide that walks you step by step through how to quickly and easily earn the Southwest Companion Pass below:

Download Your FREE Guide & Start Flying FREE on Southwest!

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