Gosh, I love Southwest Airlines! I have had so many bad experiences on other airlines where staff where just flat-out rude that I will never fly them again, no matter the points available or how low the price.

Southwest service is always top-notch — even if there’s a problem — from the flight attendant who got me a stir stick to eat my salad when I forgot the fork to the one who let me keep my free drink voucher for another flight. Thank goodness there is one company out there who is doing it right!

As yet another example of outstanding service in a sea of report of airlines alleged mistreatment of passengers, a Southwest pilot, who is retired from the Air Force and has been flying with the airline for 22 years, honored his personal one-millionth passenger on a recent flight.

He gifted her with a bottle of champagne and reimbursed her for her flight. Watch the video. It is really sweet!

Have you had a great experience on Southwest? Share in the comments!

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