According to a post on the Beat of Hawaii blog in August, Southwest was set to release Hawaii flights for booking in October — with flights set to take off just a few weeks after.

Well, here we are on October 26 and no Hawaii flights have been released :(.

I joined the Southwest earnings call on October 25, as they often give an update on future plans, and they indicated they are simply waiting for the proper government approvals for the flights will go on sale. Then flights will be set to take off in early 2019.

So as much as we are all dying for Southwest to release flights to Hawaii, looks like we’re all waiting on is the government. Isn’t that typical? 🙂

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While we wait, this is a great time to make a plan to get your Southwest Companion Pass for 2019, which lets one person fly free with you. If you get it early in 2019 (and you can start applying for cards NOW to make that happen), it will be good through the END of 2020 and then you can fly ONE person with you FREE to Hawaii.

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It’s on sale through Halloween night, so grab it now so you can be ready to book your Hawaii flight as soon as they are released.

And keep in mind, you don’t need to have your Companion Pass in hand as soon as they release flights for booking. You can always add your Companion later, once you have earned the Companion Pass, so long as there is a seat available on the plane. Get your flight now, add your Companion later!

The Beat of Hawaii also quoted Watterson as saying there will be food served on flights to Hawaii. No peanuts though!

For all the latest information on Southwest and Hawaii, including departure cities, inter-island service and more. Check out my post below:

Does Southwest Fly to Hawaii?

Fingers crossed it happens soon…

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