Looking to score 110,000 Rapid Rewards Points for your Southwest Companion Pass, but don’t own a business or do any side work (ebay, Uber, writing, freelancing, etc.) in addition to your regular salary?

Two Personal Southwest Credit Cards

The most typical route to earn your Southwest Companion Pass (where one person flies nearly free with you for up to two years) is to sign up for two Southwest Chase Rapid Rewards credit cards while they are offering a 50,000 to 60,000-point bonus when you spend a minimum of $2,000-$3,000 on each card.

Usually, this is accomplished by signing up for one personal card and one business card.

HOWEVER, there IS another route.

Apply for Two Personal Southwest Credit Cards

Southwest offers two personal cards, in addition to the business card.

While it doesn’t work for everyone, you can apply — and be approved — for BOTH personal cards if you don’t feel you have a legitimate claim to a business (download my free ebook on how to earn your Southwest Companion Pass for more info on if you qualify as having a business; it may be easier than you think!).

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Bob C. from Georgia emailed to say that he had been approved for the Southwest Chase Rapid Rewards Premier card, completed his $2,000 spend, paid it off and earned his 50,000 points. But he said he did not own a business and wanted to know how he could earn the remaining 50,000 points.

I encouraged him to go ahead and apply for the Plus card, since it then had a 50,000-point offer. I suggested if he was not approved right away to contact Chase and ask if closing the Premier card would allow him to be approved for the Plus card. See more about what to do if Chase declines your initial application.

He could always give as his reason that he was looking for a lower annual fee (Premier is $99, while Plus is $69 – more in my ebook on the difference between the cards). He could also try closing the Premier and then reapplying for Plus. Chase can be finicky!

He reported back that he WAS approved for the Plus card as well and on his way to 104,000 points (100,000 for the bonuses and 4,000 points earned for the $2,000/card minimum spend) and his Southwest Companion Pass!

I also verified with a customer service rep, who was promoting Southwest’s credit cards at an airport, that individuals CAN be APPROVED for TWO personal Southwest cards. Hooray!

Note: If you don’t have either personal card, readers have reported success in applying for both cards in the same day. Apparently, the entry on your credit does not register until the day AFTER you apply for a card, so they can’t see you’re applying for both cards at once. I have not personally tried this option, but it has worked for some readers.

If you don’t apply for both within the same day, wait at least 30 days between applications or you will likely be declined and have to call the Chase Reconsideration Line.

Do let me know if you are successful like Bob!

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