Southwest credit card referral points

I logged onto my Southwest Rapid Rewards account today and noticed a new promotion. You can now earn 10,000 Southwest points for each friend or family member you refer to the Southwest Rapid Rewards credit cards that you hold, which is up from the previous 5000 referral points per friend. This is line with the referral points afforded those who hold Chase Sapphire Preferred, which is also 10,000 per referral.

You are still limited to 50,000 referral points across all cards in one calendar year, but these points DO qualify for the Southwest Companion Pass. The Southwest Companion Pass lets one person fly free with you for up to two years after you accumulate 110,000 qualifying Southwest points. This is an easy way to earn a big chunk of points toward your Companion Pass — and FREE TRAVEL!

Download my free guide to find out how easy it is to earn the Southwest Companion Pass and starting flying free around the U.S.!

Not all cardholders are eligible to earn referral points for some reason. So to check if you are, visit and enter your last name, zip code and last four digits of your credit card. Here are more details on how to get your referral link and promote it. If you are eligible, it will provide you with a link you can share with friends. You may also want to share on social media.

Please note that it takes a while for the referral points to come in; in fact, it may be several months. And there’s no way to know who’s applied and has been approved. You sort of have to wait patiently. Officially, it takes 6-8 weeks for the after the person has been approved AND made their first purchase for the points to credit to your Rapid Rewards account.

You’ve got until December 31 to get all your referrals in! But get started early so they credit your account by year’s end.

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