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Disclosure: These items were provided to me at no charge in exchange for an honest review and this post contains affiliate links for which I earn a commission on purchases. 

I’m all for anything that can make travel easier and I’ve rounded up some of the best products that do just that.

ZUS Smart Car Locator and Charger

If you’re like me, you’re lucky to remember to throw away the empty shampoo model, much less have any clue where you’ve parked your car on a given day. Say goodbye to the Mickey Mouse atop your car’s antennae and say hello to ZUS, a clever way to help you find your car at home or on vacation.

ZUS, which also doubles as a car charger that can charge up to two devices at twice the speed of ordinary car chargers, uses an app on iPhone and Android to identify your car’s location once it’s plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter. Simply download the app, plug in ZUS, turn on your phone’s Bluetooth, and ZUS will locate your car.

The app displays a compass with an arrow pointing toward the direction of your car. The app also has a map view and a parking timer if you’ve parked at a meter and need a reminder of when to return.

ZUS is super helpful, especially when you are away from home and may not be as familiar with your surroundings. Buy ZUS at Nonda.co. Enjoy!

Watch the video to see how it works:

Downy Wrinkle Releaser

Get wrinkles out of packed clothes - Downy

OK, I HATE ironing! I will only iron if we are in a wedding, or other such formal event, and we truly need a pressed clothing item. So hooray for Downy Wrinkle Releaser spray, which can get the wrinkles out of your clothes once they are unpacked – no iron needed.

I was skeptical that this would really work, but I’ve tried it on multiple items and it does. It comes in a spray bottle, small (3-ounce for travel in carry-ons), medium and large. Simply hang the item, spray enough to dampen the item (I went over it about twice) and then gently tug and smooth the clothing. Magically, the wrinkles come right out! I even tried it on a stubborn cotton skirt that wanted to flip up and with a little coaxing, it worked on it, as well.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser also serves as a fabric refresher, as it has a light scent, and can be used as an ironing aid, like starch, if you really have to iron. It’s available at most groceries, drug stores and mass retailers for $1.99 (3 oz), $4.19 (500 mL) or $6.99 (1 liter).


HomingPIN luggage finderEver lost your luggage, your computer or your phone? It’s a nightmare if you have, and the HomingPIN offers a secure solution. According to the company, airlines mishandle 20 million bags a year, taking up to a week or more to find the owners, and 12,000 laptops are lost each week in airports. Aack!

Enter HomingPIN, which provides unique codes that connect your property to your cell number and email, but without revealing that information to the person who finds your item. Attach the HomingPIN loops to your luggage and the labels to items like keys, phones, cameras, passports, laptops, eReaders, wallets and more. Then, register and activate your codes at HomingPIN.com.

HomingPIN find lost devices at airportsWhen someone finds your items, assuming they are a good Samaritan and want to return it, the loop or label directs them to go to HomingPIN.com to enter the code. You will then receive a secure email and text that connects you to the finder without revealing your private information. HomingPIN is currently integrated into 2200 airports for quick luggage recovery, as well.

Purchase the Family Pack for $29.95, which includes protection for 15 items. Very affordable for the convenience provided.


Airpocket - airplane organizer

I usually travel with my kids, and between us we’ve got phones, portable gaming systems, eReaders, books and Kindle Fires. I find myself constantly bending over trying to dig something out of my carry-on bag stowed under the seat in front of me, while things fall out on the floor. Or we might stuff some of it into the seatback pocket in front us, hoping we remember to get it out before we get off the plane.

The Airpocket was created to solve this common problem for fliers. It’s designed to neatly organize your devices and books, protect them and put them within easy reach. This neoprene bag fits within the seatback pocket in front of you and is filled with numerous pockets of various sizes ideal for all the items we carry. It stretches to hold bigger items and provides cushion so they are not damaged.

Carry it on your shoulder, hook it onto the handle of your rolling luggage via a band on the back or stick it inside a medium-sized purse or messenger bag.

It is a bit pricey at $74.99 and only available at www.theairpocket.com, but is a great idea and we use it quite often, though note it does not fit in the Southwest seat pocket…

Genius Pack Luggage

I absolutely love the smart ideas implemented in Genius Pack Luggage. They have really thought through what is truly helpful to frequent travelers and offer a variety of smart products.

Genius Packet Laundry chuteI was able to try the 27-inch upright spinner, a medium-sized piece. One of my favorite features is the “Laundry Chute,” a designated spot for your dirty clothes (we are forever piling them into the hotel room closet and then shoving them into the first empty suitcase).

The Chute is a removable bag that lets you add dirty clothes as you go. Then, when you’re ready to pack up, you roll up the bag, pushing out as much air as possible, and zip it into the luggage. You then buckle it in, which expels even more air through the air valve on the side of the bag, and finally tighten the buckles to get out the last bit of air. The instructions are handily right on the bag. We use this feature ALL the time!

Genius Pack luggage charger compartmentThe bag also has designated compartments for chargers, socks and undergarments, which are made of stretchy material and that help you remember what is where.

There’s even a space for a portable charger if you want to charge your device right from the bag instead of searching for a plug. Also inside is a packing checklist, right on the bag, so it’s there every time, as well as a retractable ID tag.

I also like the soft neoprene handle and extra strap that allows you to attach another bag to it. The luggage is also expandable. This spinner retails for $298 on Amazon.

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