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Give Yourself a Mental Boost With a New Pair of Affordable, But Stylish Sunglasses From This Celebrity-Favorite Company

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OK, folks. Time to get out of the PJs and start dressing like you normally would ;-). You’ll feel better, I promise…

Spring is upon us, the weather is warming and the sun is shining!

Why not brighten your day with a new pair of stylish shades from my favorite sunglasses company and get out of doors and into the sun even if it’s just around your neighborhood or in your own backyard.

A stylish pair of sunglasses feels great, don’t you think?!

Prive Revaux is an AWESOME online retailer and my favorite sunglasses brand, which just happens to be run by the family member of a longtime Go to Travel Gal reader. Oh, and he’s co-founders with Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Piven!

Their goal is to provide everyday folks a selection of high-quality, super-stylish sunglasses (which celebrities love and you’d expect to cost at least $100) at a non-celebrity price of about $30 and then sends them directly to your house with a case and cleaning cloth.

And they’ve given me a coupon code JUST for Go to Travel Gal readers to get 20% off

Use code TRAVELGAL20 to score your 20% discount.

Note: This post contains affiliate links for which we may earn a commission if you make a purchase after clicking through, but we only recommend products we know and love. Thank you for supporting Go to Travel Gal during this economic slowdown by using our links.


Prive Revaux

Prive Revaux founders

I stumbled upon this company last spring when chatting with a Go to Travel Gal reader, who told me about his son who operated a successful business called Prive Revaux, that with co-founders Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Piven, sells sunglasses online.

Of course, it’s also a celebrity-favorite, and you’ll see many faces you recognize showcasing the different styles throughout the site.

He offered to send me a pair and I agreed to try them.

Besides the fact that they were free ;-), there were a LOT of things I really loved about how this brand operates, which I want to share with you as we look to support commerce and small businesses during this challenging time in our economy.

When you shop Prive Revaux, you’re helping the family of a Go to Travel Gal reader, which I think is even more AWESOME :).


Stylish Sunglasses

Palm springs bike tour
My husband wearing The Commando style and I’m wearing The Hepburn from Prive Revaux

I have ZERO sense of style (my poor dad and now my husband have had to be my style consultants my whole life ;-)), but I still want to LOOK stylish. I just literally don’t know how.

Well, for those of you who are style-challenged like me, problem solved on Prive Revaux! There’s no way to pick a pair that ISN’T stylish!

Prive Revaux’s options are ALL stylish, and they make it easy to find an option that looks good on you. Check out the 10 best selling polarized options

Go to Travel Gal Palm Springs sign
Wearing The Hepburn style shades from Prive Revaux in Palm Springs

They have a simple process that asks you to choose the shape of your face and the style of glasses you normally like which quickly gives you suggestions without having to scan through hundreds of options. Then they show you how the glasses actually look on models (a lot of them are celebrities that you’ll recognize!).

I picked The Hepburn in warm copper tort, and I feel SO confident wearing these glasses. I “know” they are stylish and I feel like they look great :).


Check out women’s styles HERE


Check out men’s styles HERE


High Quality

commando sunglasses prive revaux

I used to get my sunglasses at Target and then a handful at Dollar Tree, because I have a real gift for dropping and breaking glasses (and/or leaving them somewhere). So it’s always good to have a few cheap pairs to wear in the pool or just be willing to break or lose.

But, I was really surprised at the quality of the Prive Revaux sunglasses for the price! They cost about $5-$10 more than you’d pay at Target, but they last SO much longer and feel so much more durable.

I’ve had mine for more than a year now, and they’re still in great shape! Amazingly, I haven’t lost them (probably because I love them so much I pay more attention ;-)).

The lens has popped out once or twice when I’ve dropped them (totally user error), but it pops right back in, no problem. And the glasses are designed to be scratch resistant for people who drop things all the time like me ;-).

Their glasses also have 100% UV protection and block blue light from your electronics, as well.



Gypsyland Palm Springs
Another fun shot of The Hepburn sunglasses in Palm Springs; I’m also wearing my favorite flip-flops/sandals, OOFOS.

For me, getting a pair of 100% for-sure stylish sunglasses that will last me at least a year for $30 is a FANTASTIC deal.

I don’t have to search through pair after pair, wondering if they would be a good choice.

Most pairs are less than $30, and plenty cost less than that, too. They also regularly have sales on older styles where you can save even more.

They even have glasses and stylish frames with prescription lenses for ~$60.

And shipping is free if you spend at least $45, so I’d advise getting two pairs for yourself or one for you and one for your spouse or a loved one.

Shop Prive Revaux HERE

Thanks for using our link to allow us to earn a commission at NO COST TO YOU.


Your 20% Off Coupon Code

Ready to check out Prive Revaux for a new pair of shades?

Go online to pick the perfect pair.

It’s super fun!

When you’re ready to check-out, use code TRAVELGAL20 to take 20% off ALL products.

This coupon code EXPIRES April 30, 2020.


So get them now!

With a little luck, you’ll be wearing them in some gorgeous destination like Palm Springs in just a few months :). 


Got question about the glasses? Shoot me an email at lyn AT gototravelgal.com. Happy to share my experiences.


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