Southwest Companion Pass through Southwest credit cards

The Southwest Companion Pass just got even EASIER to earn! It was already VERY EASY, but now you can literally have someone flying with you free through 2018 in just 2 simple steps. AMAZING!

Southwest upped their business card bonus points offer from 50,000 to 60,000 Southwest points, otherwise known as Rapid Rewards points. This is the HIGHEST EVER bonus for the Southwest Business Premier card. So just by applying for ONE Southwest business credit card and ONE personal Southwest credit card (their Premier card currently has a 50,000-point offer) — and then meeting the minimum spend — you will have earned the 110,000 Southwest points required to qualify for a Southwest Companion Pass.

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Step 1: Apply for the Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Business Premier Card

60,000 Southwest Points After $3000 Minimum Spend in 3 Months

You may qualify for a business card if you own a business OR if you earn ANY money outside of your regular employer – think anything for which you may get a 1099 or for which you file a Schedule C on your tax return. This can be selling crafts, consulting, freelance writing, repairs, driving Uber or Lyft, selling items on Amazon or eBay, rental income, etc.

Then all you have to do is meet the minimum $3000 spend on the card in 3 months. Read my post on how to meet the minimum spend on a Southwest credit card.

Step 2:  One month later, apply for Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier or Plus card

50,000 Southwest Points After $3000 Minimum Spend in 3 Months

You can separate the two applications by at least 30 days; otherwise, they may decline you, citing too many applications with them.

Here’s what to do if you get declined: Call the Chase reconsideration line. Don’t worry if this happens to you. It’s happened to us twice and we were eventually approved both times. Keep your end game in mind: the Companion Pass!

Alternately, I’ve heard people suggest applying for TWO CARDS in ONE DAY, as Chase will only see it as ONE hit/pull to your credit. I have not tried this, however, so I’m not sure if that will work.

Once you’ve been approved, meet the minimum $2000 spend on either the Premier or Plus card within 3 months.

That’s it! How easy is that to earn 110,000 points to fly free around the U.S., knowing you don’t have to redeem any points for ONE PERSON who will fly with you FREE (aside from the $5.60 security fees per way)?!

Can I Apply for Two Personal Cards?

Yes, you can. Read my post on that topic: You CAN Be Approved for TWO Personal Southwest Cards. If you do this, however, you will be short ~10,000 points, which you will need to earn before the END of the CALENDAR YEAR. Here are 10 Ways to Earn 500 or More Southwest Points, plus, you should download my free ebook for other suggestions.

What Next?

Southwest will email you that you have reached Companion Pass status! Then all you have to do is pick who your Companion will be. Read this post which explains how to choose your companion.

Keep in mind that not only do you have the Pass, but you now have 110,000 Southwest points to spend booking FREE FLIGHTS! Book your flights during fare sales to use as few points as possible and continue to monitor the Go to Travel Gal blog for opportunities to earn even more Southwest points for free flights.

Are There Any Costs Associated with this Process?

Yes, but they are minimal when spread across 2 years or multiple flights. They include:

  • $5.60 per person per way mandatory government security fee
  • $95 annual fee on the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier credit card (personal)
  • $95 annual fee on the Southwest Rapid Rewards Business Premier credit card
  • $69 annual fee on the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus credit card (personal)

That’s it! A heckuva deal!

Who’s going for the Southwest Companion Pass this year? Shout it out! What questions do you have?

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