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Reader Question: Can I Apply for the Credit Cards Now & Meet the Minimum in 2017?

As we approach the end of the year and you’re deciding whether to go for the Southwest Companion Pass now and try to earn all your points by December 31 (otherwise, your points don’t count and you have to start over next year) OR wait and start earning your point next year, this is a… Continue reading

Why Colorado Springs is an Adventurous Family’s Dream Vacation

If you’re looking for a family-friendly destination that is not just warm, but filled with opportunities to stay active and seek out adventure, consider Colorado Springs. There’s a reason why Olympic athletes train in this city, which is often touted as one of the healthiest U.S. cities. With mild temperatures year-round and low humidity (even… Continue reading

Two Tricks to Save on Food and Dining at Walt Disney World

We are at one of our favorite places in the world this week, Walt Disney World in Orlando. My husband grew up coming to Disney every year as a child, and we even honeymooned here 17 years ago! It’s become a tradition in my family to visit every year or so and so we find… Continue reading

FAQs for Southwest Early Bird Check-in

To save stress, we have started purchasing Early Bird Check-in, a service from Southwest that gives you priority seating, for my husband. He is tall and requires a roomier seat and because we have continued to forget to check in — or gotten the time zones wrong — multiple times upon our return flight from… Continue reading

Southwest Releases Cuba Flights for $59!

How cool is it that you could potentially fly to Cuba FREE on Southwest? I assumed the fares for these flights would be high, but they are introducing them at $59 one-way from Ft. Lauderdale and Tampa Bay. Wow! In terms of points, they are offering the flights between 1872 and 2232 Rapid Rewards points… Continue reading

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