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Our Top 5 Favorite Spring Break Destinations
Diplomat Hollywood Florida Spring Break

It’s February… so that means even for last-minute planners like me :), we’d better get our Spring Break plans in order. Some of you have probably had your Spring Break destinations booked a year in advance — good for you! But, if you’re like me, you’re still sorting it all out. Ergh… To give you some… Continue reading

Meet John Chavez

As we continue our series on introducing you to the newest volunteer team members for Go to Travel Gal, I’d like to introduce you to John Chavez, who serves as assistant editor. John’s role includes updating regular weekly and monthly blog posts, as well as writing new posts and sharing some of his amazing trips. You’ll… Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day! Get a Free Drink on Your Southwest Flight
Southwest cocktail

Several days of the year, lucky Southwest flyers are treated to a free beverage of their choice, including alcohol — IF you know to ask for it. If you happen to be flying on Valentine’s Day, the airline is offering free drinks to all passengers, so be sure to ask your Southwest flight attendant for… Continue reading

10 Little-Known Things to Do in Barcelona

10 Little Known Things to Do in Barcelona
things to do in Barcelona

If you’re planning to venture to beautiful Barcelona for the first time, you’re probably excited to see its top sites and eyeing the perfect place to stay on sites like Lugaris.com, which offers luxury apartments. After all, there are so many things to do in Barcelona, which is known for its beautiful architecture found in its… Continue reading

One Reader Shares Why She’s Going for the Southwest Companion Pass Offer

By Lisa Whitlaw Oh the visions that danced through my head when I realized that I could finally obtain the Southwest Companion Pass, a pass that would let me bring someone free whereever I’d travel on Southwest. I’d go to New York City, San Antonio, Aruba, San Juan, San Diego, the Bahamas and Grand Cayman…… Continue reading

Travel Rewards Credit Cards
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