6 Reasons to Start Earning the Southwest Companion Pass NOW via @GotoTravelGal - Did you know you can fly FREE all year?

The Southwest Companion Pass lets one person fly free with you (with a $5.60 per way government fee) after accumulating 110,000 of Southwest Rapid Rewards points. You can download my free guide for step-by-step directions on how to easily earn this pass in just a few months. And it’s easier than it’s ever been RIGHT NOW!

Here are 6 reasons to start earning your Southwest Companion Pass TODAY:

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 1.  Southwest Credit Cards Bonuses Are the Highest EVER

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Right now, all three Southwest Chase Rapid Rewards credit cards have 60,000-point bonus offers after meeting their minimum spend. The Southwest Chase Rapid Rewards Business Premier card has a 60,000-point bonus offer after spending $3000 on the card, and the Southwest Chase Rapid Rewards Personal Premier and Personal Plus cards both have 60,000-point bonuses after spending $2000.

beginner travel credit cards

It has NEVER been easier to get the Southwest Companion Pass. You literally ONLY have to apply for two of the three cards, meet the minimum spend and the pass is yours, because you will have 120,000+ qualifying points, which can also be used to book FREE TRAVEL on Southwest.

2.  The Earlier You Earn It, the Longer You Can Use It

The Companion Pass is good from the time it is earned until the end of the FOLLOWING year. So if you earn it now or in the next few months, it is good until the END OF 2018. Yes, 2018, not 2017! That’s a year and a half of FREE flights!

3.  Start Getting Your Credit in Order

Credit score

Don’t have ideal credit? One of the easiest things to improve your credit score is to get your balances down to about 1/3 of the credit limit. You’ll need average to good credit to be approved for the Southwest credit cards. And, remember, this is NOT a hobby for someone who can’t pay their credit card balances. You should only use these cards for EVERYDAY expenses you have money in the bank to pay down immediately. So start paying down those balances to 1/3 before you apply for the cards.

4.  Start Meeting the Minimum Spend

The sooner you meet the minimum spend, the better, because that means you can earn your pass more quickly and start using it.

5.  Begin Researching Good Fares to Planned Destinations

Hiking the Maroon Bells

Fly to Denver and check out the Rocky Mountains this Christmas!

Now is the time to start your research. You’ll want to regularly check Southwest and see what fares cost in points to locations you want to travel to. I always look at the Low Fare Calendar to get an idea of the lowest cost in a given month. Then I can wait until prices drop to that level before I spend my Rapid Rewards Points to purchase flights, helping them stretch as far as possible.

Remember, though, you can always book a flight on Southwest and cancel with no penalty. For Wanna Get Away fares, when paying in points, your points will automatically be reimbursed. When paying in cash, you will receive a “credit” with Southwest.

6.  Book Fall and Holiday Trips With Points

As soon as you earn bonus points after meeting the minimum spend on your Southwest credit cards, you can use those points to book free flights. The earlier you can book fall and holiday flights, the better!

Are you going to start the process of earning your Southwest Companion Pass? Let me know!

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