Southwest Companion Pass: Your Guide to Earn Free Travel on Southwest Airlines

The Southwest Companion Pass Lets Singles, Couples and Families Fly FREE around the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean with Little Effort!


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How My Family of Four Traveled Nearly Free on Southwest for a Year” by Lyn Mettler

  • Is travel too expensive for you as a newly married couple, growing family or retiree?
  • Do you love to travel or need to travel for family or other reasons but can’t afford it?
  • Are you financially responsible?
  • Do you want to broaden your children’s perspectives, showing them new parts of the world? Or make use of new free time as empty nesters or retirees?

Southwest Companion Pass

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My family of four traveled to SIX Destinations in ONE Year on Southwest for very little cost ENTIRELY with frequent flier miles!  You can, too!

A key method to making this work is to earn the amazing Southwest Companion Pass. After I discovered how easy it is to earn this pass, I decided to put together a guide to show others how to do it. No guesswork or hours of online research required on your part. It’s all right here in this short ebook, available to download for FREE on your Kindle reader or as a PDF and easy enough to read in just an hour or so.

RIGHT NOW is the best time to get started earning your Southwest Companion Pass because the pass is good from the time it’s earned in 2017 until the end of 2018! So the earlier you can earn it, the longer you’ll be able to use it for FREE travel!

The book includes:

  • An explanation of the Southwest Companion Pass
  • How different types of fliers, including families, couples and singles, can utilize the Pass
  • A simple step-by-step guide to earn the pass
  • How to book a flight using your Companion Pass
  • How to combine your Pass with additional miles/Rapid Rewards Points so both you AND your companion, along with any others in your family, can also fly for FREE; we made it work for four people!
  • Determining if you should take 1 big trip with your miles/points or several smaller trips
  • How to maximize your Southwest Companion Pass
  • A timeline to help you plan earning and using your Companion Pass

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