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California Movie House Tour: Workaholics House & More

During a trip to southern California, which my husband and I enjoyed sans kids, we decided to embark on a scavenger hunt of sorts of houses from movies and TV shows, including the “Workaholics” house, “Father of the Bride” house and more.

While there were many highlights of our trip, our California movie house tour probably generated the most smiles and giggles and was incredibly fun to try to sleuth out with the help of our friend, Google Maps.

We primarily focused on Pasadena and the Los Angeles area and went on the lookout for homes from some of our personal favorite TV shows and movies.

Here goes:

California Movie House Tour Stops


“Father of the Bride”

Father of the Bride house

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What California movie house tour would be complete without finding the famous “Father of the Bride” house, which has been used in many a movie? Here’s the picture of this beauty, which represents the ideal home in “Anywhere, America.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Smith”

Mr and Mrs Smith House

Just about as picturesque is the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” house, from the movie starring the infamous Brangelina pair. This lovely white house sits in a cute neighborhood in Pasadena, which is already charming with the pretty trees that create a canopy over the streets.

“Step Brothers”

Step Brothers House

My husband and I love to laugh, and “Step Brothers” is a movie from which we love to belt out lines. It’s classic Will Ferrell and the beginnings of the comedic talent of John C. Reilly. Here’s the house – and yard — where the brothers had an epic battle!

“Old School”

Old School House

Another Will Ferrell flick prominently featuring a house is “Old School,” following the antics of a frat house. We found the house, and we’re pretty sure we saw the stretch of road where Will goes streaking, as well!


Zathura house

This is a little-known movie but much beloved by our oldest son, which tells the story of two brothers playing a board game. The game turns real and results in an outer space adventure in “Zathura.” My husband is a lover of Arts + Crafts architecture (which Pasadena is known for) and the house in this movie is a real gem, so we had to get a pic! It was a must-text back to our 10-year-old!

Los Angeles and Surrounding Area

“Workaholics” House, Van Nuys (NOT Rancho Cucamonga)

Workaholics house
“Workaholics” house

If you ever watch Comedy Central, you may have come across a quirky show called “Workaholics.” My husband loves it and the threesome of guys starring in the show use their house in the storyline quite a bit, sitting on the roof and swimming in the pool. Apparently, when the show first started two of the guys actually lived in this house! Now, you can stay in the “Workaholics” house, as the series is done filming. It is an AirBnB available for $85 per night. How fun!

“Modern Family”

“Modern Family” has long been one of our favorite primetime comedies, and at the beginning and often throughout the show, you’ll see shots of each of the three couples’ houses. Our favorite to see in person was Mitch and Cam’s, because it’s pretty distinctive and was decorated for Halloween when we drove by.

Mitch & Cam’s

Mitch and Cam's house Modern Family

Jay & Gloria’s

Jay & gloria's house Modern Family

The Dunphys

The Dunphys house Modern Family

“Back to the Future”

“Back to the Future,” a classic favorite of my husband and older son, has four homes in the Pasadena and Los Angeles area. It turns out the “Old School” house is also the very same one that Bif kicked a ball into. Who knew?!

Just a couple doors down from that one is George McFly’s home from the movie, and we also stopped by an amazing Craftsman home in Pasadena that was supposed to be Doc’s house. At Marty’s house in Los Angeles, some guy was watering his lawn and didn’t seem overly excited that we were taking a picture, but we snapped a quick one anyway!

Marty’s House, Arleta

Marty's House Back to the Future

Doc’s House

Doc's House Back to the Future


George McFly’s House

George McFly House

I highly recommend doing your own California movie house tour. What a blast it was to search for each one and turn the corner only to gaze on the home from some of our favorite TV shows and movies in real life like the “Workaholics” house! Too funny!

One word of warning: They all look much smaller in person :-).

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