When will Southwest release August 2019 and September 2019 flights?

Currently, you can book Southwest flights through August 5, 2019.

You’ll be able to book the rest of August, along with flights through September 2 on February 7, 2019.

At least we can book most summer flights for now!

Southwest release August 2019 September 2019 flights

Southwest Airlines typically releases flights in batches of about one to two months at a time with new flights and dates released about every four to six weeks. This will be a longer than average time between the release of the flights through August 5 and the flights through September 2 (from November to February!).

According to Southwest, they release flights on the scheduled date at 5 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. Check both the app and the website if you have trouble finding them that early.

Booking As Soon As Flights Are Available

Many Go to Travel Gal readers report that they get cheaper flights by booking AS SOON AS flights are released. It definitely helps when it comes to the most expensive times of year to fly, which include July, as well as the winter holidays.

Readers report flights increased by as much as $50 or 3,000 points just a few hours after they booked them at the crack of dawn on the release date :)!

Even if you end up not needing the flights, remember you can always cancel and rebook with NO CHANGE FEES on Southwest.

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How ONE Person Can Always Fly FREE With You on Southwest!

Southwest Companion Pass Disney World

We use our Companion Pass to fly everywhere, including Walt Disney World!

Did you know you can bring someone with you FREE on ANY Southwest flight?

All you have to do is earn the Southwest Companion Pass!

The Southwest Companion Pass lets you bring one person with you FREE, not just once like most airlines, but from the time you earn it until the END of the FOLLOWING year. That can be almost TWO full years.

To get your pass, you’ll need to earn 110,000 qualifying points, which you can easily do by applying for two Southwest credit cards when their bonuses are between 40,000-60,000 points. Currently, ALL Southwest credit cards have 60,000-point bonuses, allowing you to earn the pass with just TWO card sign-ups and have 10,000 points to spare!

There are other ways to do it, as well, besides signing up for credit cards.

Want someone to walk you through EXACTLY what you need to do to earn your 2019 Southwest Companion Pass — no guesswork required ;-)? Enroll in my online course, “How to Earn Your 2019 Southwest Companion Pass … Step by Step.” It comes complete with step-by-step checklists, case studies, roadmaps and everything you need to get your pass quickly and cheaply!


Want More Points to Fly Free on Southwest?

Chase Sapphire Preferred Go to Travel Gal

Chase Sapphire Preferred is my FAVORITE travel credit card and it can earn you TONS of Southwest points for FREE!

To et EVEN MORE Southwest points which you can use to book FREE flights, consider Chase Sapphire Preferred, my FAVORITE travel credit card.

This card offers 50,000 points upon meeting a $4,000 minimum spend in the first three months.

All of the points earned, called Chase Ultimate Rewards points, transfer at a 1:1 ratio to Southwest Airlines (as well as other airlines and hotel loyalty programs).

The Southwest Companion Pass DOUBLES these Chase points, because for every point that lets YOU fly FREE, someone else can also fly free with you, too! That’s a heckuva deal!

To review credit card offers and apply for any credit card, please visit the TRAVEL CREDIT CARD links in the main menu above. This allows me to earn a commission — at NO COST to you — to help support the blog. I sincerely appreciate you taking this step!

What summer plans do you have on Southwest?

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