Have you signed up for Southwest’s Rapid Rewards Dining to earn points automatically when eating at participating restaurants?

Bologna restaurant

When you first sign up, the program asks you to enter any and all credit or debit cards that you might use to pay for a meal out. Then, when any of those cards are used you automatically earn 3 points per dollar spent (these points DO qualify for the Southwest Companion Pass, which lets one person fly free with you after earning 110,000 points) and even more if you post a review of the restaurant.

Here’s more about how Rapid Rewards Dining works.

We’ve been surprised to earn points when traveling and not even thinking about the program!

Yearly Reminder

But to take the best advantage of this program, you need to keep your bank of credit and debit cards registered with the system up to date.

NOW is a great time to log in to Rapid Rewards Dining and make sure to add any new credit cards you hold and may use to pay for a meal. It never hurts to list any AND all cards you might use!

Keep in mind that if you have signed up for another airline’s dining program and registered your cards with THAT program, they will no longer be registered with Southwest. So decide which program is your top priority for earning miles/points.

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