Thanks to reader Jim S. for tipping me off to this great Southwest promotion! Perhaps they are trying to throw us a bone in light of the recent bad news that they are increasing the number of Southwest points it costs to book a Wanna Getaway fare and are limiting everyone to just one Southwest personal Visa card.

Right now, Southwest has a special promotion, the likes of which I’ve NEVER seen, called the Southwest National Double Points Promotion. It allows you to earn DOUBLE points on any fare type you book by June 13.

That means you’ll earn an additional:

  • 6 points per $1 for Wanna Getaway Fares
  • 10 points per $1 for Anytime Fares
  • 12 points per $1 for Business Select Fares

These are ON TOP of the normal points you earn for booking these fares, which unless you hold Southwest elite status and earn even MORE points, are:

  • 6 points per $1 for Wanna Getaway Fares
  • 10 points per $1 for Anytime Fares
  • 12 points per $1 for Business Select Fares

I’m unclear if this is a targeted promotion to just some Rapid Rewards members or if everyone has it, but here’s how to check.

How to Check If You Are Eligible

Here’s how to see if you’ve been targeted with this promotion:

  1. Log into your Rapid Rewards account at
  2. Click on My Acccount on the top right
  3. Scroll down on the lefthand side and click on the Promotions tab
  4. If you see the offer — it says “National Double Points Promotion” — click the orange/yellow Register button.

Southwest is also still running a targeted promotion, which you will see in my screenshot above, that allows you to earn A-List elite status if you pay in cash for three round-trip flights by April 30.

If you don’t see anything above, try clicking this link and see if you qualify.

Do These Points Qualify for the Southwest Companion Pass?

The bonus points you earn on top of the regular fare points earned DO NOT qualify for the Southwest Companion Pass, but the regular points you earn for a paid fare DO QUALIFY.

The Southwest Companion Pass lets one person fly free with you for up to two years after you earn 110,000 qualifying points. Download my free ebook below for a step by step walk through of how to easily earn the pass.

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The Details of the National Double Points Promotion

  • You’ll need to register PRIOR to booking your flight and enter your Rapid Rewards number when booking.
  • All flights must be booked and completed by June 13.
  • You will receive your bonus points within four days of the completion of your flight.
  • It works for both round-trip and one-way fares.

Please comment below if you see this promotion, so I’ll know if everyone has it or if it’s just targeted. Thanks!

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