According to the Beat of Hawaii blog, who said they spoke with Southwest Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer Andy Watterson on August 7, Southwest will release Hawaii flights for booking very soon — and no later than October — with flights set to take off just a few weeks after.

However, an article from Motley Fool posted August 12 indicates otherwise. They say it will likley be 2019 before flights take off, and they seem to be making their conclusion based on what still has to happen for Southwest to fly to Hawaii and the time required for each step.

Motley Fool says on a July earnings call (which predates the August 7 meeting) that an executive said the FAA would sign off on a key portion within 30 to 60 days. Following a timeline of what must follow, they estimate ticket sales in October or November, with flights starting slowly in the New Year.

The Beat of Hawaii post said Watterson indicated the official announcement of flights (which they said were likely to be on sale in October) will come in August.

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If this is right, it would still be possible to use a Southwest Companion Pass, which lets one person fly free with you for up to two years, expiring at the end of 2018, to book a Hawaii flight AND FLY THIS YEAR!

If Motley Fool is right, however, we may be out of luck.

I DID reach out to Southwest for confirmation on this and here’s what spokesperson Dan Landson said on August 13:

“Unfortunately we can’t confirm that information as it’s pretty speculative. We are still on track to sell tickets in 2018.”

So looks like the tickets part is certain, but when they will start flying remains to be seen.

Why haven’t they announced the flights yet?

The Beat of Hawaii also quoted Watterson as saying there will be food served on flights to Hawaii. No peanuts though!

For all the latest information on Southwest and Hawaii, including departure cities, inter-island service and more. Check out my post below:

Does Southwest Fly to Hawaii?

Fingers crossed it happens soon…

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