Southwest Flight Schedule

We may head to beautiful Santa Barbara this fall. What about you?

It’s time to book fall flights! The Southwest Flight Schedule is now open through November 3, 2017. The previous schedule allowed bookings through September 29, 2017, but now we can book through October, as well.

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October often includes fall breaks for families, including ours. Our current plan is to fly to California for some time at Disneyland, as well as Los Angeles, and then head up the coast to spend a few days in one of my favorite places, Santa Barbara.

Our last trip to Santa Barbara was just my husband and me as part of a larger Southern California vacation¬†from Newport Beach through Santa Monica and on up to Santa Barbara. This time, we’ll bring our boys and enjoy more adventurous outdoor activities.

What trips are you planning this fall?

Read when you can book flights for the rest of November, December and January.

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