There have been multiple reports in the last week that Southwest has raised prices, and sadly, I’m here to confirm that appears to be correct.

When compiling the fares for the most recent sale, nearly all domestic routes had a fare increase of about $1 to $5. In MOST cases, it was just $1-$2, but fares are definitely on the rise.

Southwest plane

For example, we usually see lots of $49 and $59 fares, especially between cities in California and to Las Vegas. These are largely now $51 and $61 instead.

A few $49 fares did hang on in the latest sale, mostly in California.

According to Bloomberg, Southwest increased 90,000 fares by $2-$5 beginning in late November. The media outlet also said that the airline forecasted last month that “costs for each seat flown a mile will increase at least 3 percent” in 2019, so this is likely the first move in that direction.

What do you think of the $1-$5 cost increase in fares? Does it bother you?

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