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9 Airports Where You Can Get the 50,000-Point Southwest Credit Card Offer

While there is not currently an offer higher than 40,000 points for any of the Southwest personal cards online, there are TWO ways you can score a 50,000-point offer.

First, you can apply through the Southwest Entertainment Portal on a Southwest flight. On the flight, your 50,000-point options include both the Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority card and the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus card.

Southwest credit card inflight offer

Or, second, you can apply in SELECT airports that have kiosks with the 50,000-point offer for the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Card only.


9 Airports Where You Can Get a 50,000-Point Southwest Credit Card Offer

Southwest credit card 50,000 point offer airport kiosk
Kiosk at Orlando International

With confirmation from a Chase spokesperson, here are 9 airports where you can score the 50,000-point offer:

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1. Orlando

Orlando International Airport - TSA PreCheck
Orlando International Airport

I was just in Orlando recently and spotted a kiosk there, so I can offer personal confirmation of that one!


2. Phoenix


3. Las Vegas

Southwest release June July August 2019 flights


4. Denver

Security Line Denver International July 2016
Denver International


5. Ft. Lauderdale (FLL)

Art Installation at Ft. Lauderdale International Airport FLL
Creepy Art Installation at Ft. Lauderdale International Airport 🙂


6. Dallas Love Field (DAL)


7. New Orleans (MSY)


8. Burbank


9. Baltimore/Washington (BWI)

I’m not sure I’d hop a flight just to get 10,000 more credit card points, but if you happen to be traveling through one of these airports and are in the market for a Southwest personal credit card, might as well grab it :)!

Have you seen kiosks for the Southwest credit card in any of these airports?


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49 thoughts on “9 Airports Where You Can Get the 50,000-Point Southwest Credit Card Offer”

  1. Lyn…any idea how long this offer will last? Also, is it available on any SWA flight through the entertainment portal or just from those 9 airports ?


  2. They won’t give me an idea of how long the offer will last or when we might see an increased personal offer in general, but you can definitely get the 50,000-point offer in flight on any flight so long as you have access to the Southwest Entertainment Portal (I’ve been on a few flights recently where it did not work :)).

  3. You might see if your daughter can pick up an application for you. We were able to do that for another airline once. We took the application home with us and applied later….maybe you’ll get lucky?

  4. Can anybody confirm the BWI kiosk and when it’s open to apply at it?

    I just received the Business card (60k), so getting the 50k card would make the companion pass an easy get.

  5. Has anyone had any luck with someone grabbi g an application for them and mailing it in to get 50k points. I have a bunch of friends in PHD that will probably be flying out over the holidays and wondering if having them grab me an app will work?

  6. Does anyone know – I opened that link on my phone during my flight the other night, but did not yet apply. If I apply now through that link, will I still be able to get the 50,000 offer versus the 40,000 being offered everywhere else?

  7. That’s what I was afraid of, but I didn’t want to fill it out on their network (putting in my SS# etc on a possibly unsecured network). I just called Chase and the rep I spoke to said that as long as I use the link on my phone I can still get the 50,000!

  8. I can confirm that Burbank has the 50k Southwest offer! There are always sales between Burbank and the Bay Area (SF, Oakland, etc), so I simply paid $61 for a one-way flight to San Francisco, I went to the airport, paid for parking – walked up the 50k Southwest booth – applied, and then cancelled my flight and walked out! You can cancel your Southwest flight and have 100% of your fare credited back into your account to reuse for a future booking (as long as it’s cancelled at least 10 minutes before departure!). For me, it was well worth the trip and the $5 parking fee!

    For those reading – this is a BETTER DEAL than the website. The website offer requires you to spend $1,000 in 3 months just to get 40k points. The airport offer requires you to only spend $2,000 in 3 months to get 50k miles! Clearly the better deal.

    And I just signed up for my Southwest Business card which will give me 60k points.

    So because of my good timing (end of 2018) if you do the math 60k + 50k = 110k = companion pass for 2019 and 2020.

    You’re welcome.

    • OH … MY … GOSH … You are a genuis! I LOVE this idea! You can cancel a refundable Southwest fare right up until the flight takes off, so this is SO smart and gets you ALL the way to a Companion Pass. This is going to be a separate post soon. Stay tuned!

  9. If you stop at a participating airport’s kiosk, can you pick up an application to take home and apply? I an concerned about the security risk of applying inflight or at the airport, since when applying you are asked to give info such as social security number, etc.

  10. Not sure about this, but I was able to open the application link on the plane and apply later on a secure network at home (I had similar concern about put in SS# on plane wifi). Instant approval and called and confirmed the 50,000 after $2000 offer was applied : )

  11. So my last flight was supposed to have WiFi but didn’t so I could not check. I suppose that’s also the risk you run if you book a flight just to get the offer. In the magazine, it did not say anything about the extra 20K miles. I’m flying again tomorrow, so fingers crossed WiFi will work and I can check! 🙂

  12. Maya,
    Thanks for the tip. I’m getting ready to try for my second companion pass ( two years ago). Your thinking is inspiring. I flew through Burbank a number of times and I don’t recall ever seeing the S W Air kiosk. Is this something new or just certain days?

    • Johnjam,

      Thank you! Yes, it’s a nice thing I meditate often and get frequently get these fun ideas during meditation 🙂

      So I think this is fairly new. I can attest that this 50k Southwest kiosk was at Burbank airport on 10/29 when I flew out and 11/6 when I flew back (but couldn’t apply because I was running behind!), so I booked that tkt for a flight on 11/19 and applied in person.

      When I was applying at the kiosk I asked how much longer was this promo running and for how many weeks they’d be there for – they said they didn’t know as it’s up to SW corporate to instruct them… so if you guys can, hop on this sooner rather than later!

      PS – I just checked my 50k SW card’s been approved and is en route to me! Looking forward to that companion pass on SW’s Hawaii flights 🙂

  13. Do you know if the 50,000 pt offer will still be available on December 4? We will be connecting in Dallas then. I am hoping I will be able to apply at a kiosk there on the 4th.

  14. Lyn, how were you able to confirm the 9 airports with the kiosks? I am flying out of MSY this weekend and want to confirm the hours of operation of the kiosks before going. Last time I flew through MSY (12/31), the kiosk was closed at 6 PM.

  15. I went to the New Orleans Airport on Friday and the kiosks are gone. The signs which refer you to the inflight entertainment portal are up everywhere. Doctor of Credit has a link on his website which was copied from the inflight entertainment portal. On Saturday 1/12, I applied for this and the 50,000 bonus after $2,000 was confirmed by Chase.

  16. Michelle,

    After applying for the card through the link Doctor of Credit has posted, I messaged Chase via Secure Message (in app or online) to confirm the 50k and $2k. Hope this helps!

  17. I have had my southwest premier card since 2013 and want to cancel to get the 50,000 point offer as i haven’t received any promotion since 2013. does anyone know how soon I have to cancel ? I fly next week to boston out of dallas and want to take advantage.

    • Hi Cindy, you should literally be able to cancel today and reapply tomorrow (I’ve had readers be successful with that; if they tell you otherwise, that is not correct; call the reconsideration line). But the longer time you can leave between cancelling and re-applying the better 🙂

  18. If approved, will the bonus miles go into an existing Rapid Rewards acct or do you have to open a new acct? Do gift cards code as SW spend for travel credit on the Priority card? Since I sometimes fly Delta (depending on price) and I don’t have a cc but I also don’t want or can reach a high spend requirement so would this be a good card to start with? I also have an excellent credit score.

    • Hi Lisa, thanks for your questions! So when you apply for the cards, you’ll need to enter YOUR Rapid Rewards number and the points will go there. They have to go into the account of the person applying for the cards. I do not believe you can buy gift cards from Southwest with your travel credit, only flights, inflight purchases or early bird. I recommend Priority if you fly Southwest a lot and can make use of the credits and the boarding zone upgrades. If not, you may want to consider Premier, which has a lower annual fee ($99) but still gives you 6,000 points annually. Thanks for using this link if you decide to apply for Premier online. And lastly, here is my full review of the Priority card and a comparison of all the Southwest cards.


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