I accidentally earned 900 Southwest points this weekend without spending a dime! I’m going to let you in on the secret in the hopes you can do the same.

We’ve been wanting to try one of the meal-delivery programs like HelloFresh and Blue Apron recently. My dad uses Blue Apron and was able to send me an offer to try our first week free.

I signed up for the free trial and a day or two later got a notice via email from Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping that I’d just earned 900 points!

Apparently, I had clicked on the link to Blue Apron within the Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal in the past, and after I signed up for the free trial, it recognized my past visit and granted me 900 points. Whoo hoo!

However, the fine print does say the subscription needs to stay active for 45 days, so it’s possible they will take them away from me if we cancel our subscription. I’ll keep you posted.

How to Get Your FREE 900 Points

To get your free 900 points, which is currently what Southwest is offering for Blue Apron sign-ups in the Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal follow these steps:

  • Find someone who pays for Blue Apron (feel free to jump on our Facebook group and ask for referrals if you want)
  • Have that person go to FREE MEALS in the main navigation bar at top of their Blue Apron account
  • There, they will be able to see if they have any free trials they can give out
  • Have them send you an invitation if they have one to give
  • Go to the Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal, Search for Blue Apron and click through to the link (you don’t sign up from here; you just want Southwest to register that you visited the site through them)
  • Go back to your invitation email and click through to the free trial link
  • Sign up (it does require entering your credit card, you’ll have to email [email protected] to cancel your account after the first week), pick your two free meals, and get ready to enjoy some stress-free meal planning the following week 🙂
  • Enjoy your free food!

Blue Apron will let you “skip” a week, so I set it to do that for the week following our free trial to give me time to cancel. To cancel, email them at [email protected]

These points DO count toward the 110,000 points you need to earn the Southwest Companion Pass, so one person can fly free with you for up to two years. Download my free guide below that walks you through the simple process step by step:

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By the way, we tried Hello Fresh last week, and LOVED it. Southwest is currently offering 700 points when you sign up for Hello Fresh through the portal. I haven’t checked to see if they have the same free trial deal. We are going to sign up for the meal service we like best — either Blue Apron or Hello Fresh — after the free trials.

Let me know if it works for you!

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