Lots of new Southwest flights began taking off from California this week, along with the addition of two new international gateways for Southwest: Columbus, Ohio, and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Eleven new nonstop flights launched from California, most from San Jose and the San Francisco area, but some from Sacramento and San Diego, as well.

Southwest deals

Southwest now has lots of new ways to get to and from San Francisco!

New routes include:

  • San Jose, Calif. and Boise
  • San Jose, Calif. and Houston
  • San Jose, Calif. and Spokane
  • San Jose, Calif. and St. Louis
  • San Jose, Calif. and New Orleans (Sundays)
  • San Jose, Calif. and Albuquerque (Sundays)
  • San Francisco and Austin
  • Sacramento and Austin
  • Sacramento and St. Louis
  • Oakland and Newark 
  • San Diego and Newark

You can also now fly from Oakland to Orlando on Saturdays nonstop.

Lastly, travelers can now fly from Columbus, Ohio, and New Orleans to Cancun.

I love seeing more Southwest flights added; that just means more places we can fly free using points and the Southwest Companion Pass!

Are you excited about any of these flights?

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