Please note this HAS NOT been confirmed by me, so I can in no way claim it is or is not right, but I did want to share with you the information that’s floating out there on the web :).

Credit Southwest Airlines

According to Doctor of Credit, a blog that offers of lots of financial and credit card information, a reputable source of theirs says that Southwest is planning to release a new Chase credit card in July. We don’t know if it will be a personal or a business card.

Here are the details according to his source:

  • $150 annual fee
  • Upgrades to board in A1-15 boarding order (honestly if this is true it’s worth holding the card just for this)
  • Sign up bonus of 70,000 points (this + a 40,000-60,000-point card would be enough to get your Companion Pass, but we don’t know if you’ll be allowed to hold this along with another personal card nor do we know if it’s a personal or business card)

We’ll keep our fingers crossed :)!

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