Ever tried to pay a mortgage with a credit card or pay taxes with a credit card? Trust me, it won’t fly 🙂 Neither will paying your rent or a car payment for that matter.

But because these tend to be the largest payments we make as part of our regular expenses either monthly or yearly, they can be great ways to meet a minimum spend on a new travel credit card to score free miles or points.

How to Pay a Mortgage, Rent or Taxes Using a Credit Card

Meet Minimun Spend with Mortgage

Enter Plastiq.

Note: This is an affiliate link for which Go to Travel Gal earns a reduced Plastiq service fee if you use the service through the link. Much appreciated.

Plastiq is a service that will send a check to your landlord, bank or even the U.S. government, after you pay them by credit card.

The catch? There is a fee of course, so you’ll want to weigh whether this expenditure is worth it for you. Plastiq charges  2.5% of the amount you are sending to a payee. I think it is well worth it.

Plastiq no longer allows you to pay a mortgage with a Visa or AMEX card, so you’ll have to choose another option for those payments.

Sometimes Plastiq offer a special discounted rate to pay your taxes with a credit card, as well. So keep reading Go to Travel Gal and I’ll let you know! Be sure you have signed up to get Go to Travel Gal emails below:

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How I Use Plastiq

I have used Plastiq to meet the minimum spend on several travel credit cards. To me, it’s a big time and hassle saver, as you can quickly meet a minimum spend, allowing those points to get in your frequent flyer account ASAP.

This is super helpful if you’re trying to earn the Southwest Companion Pass, which requires that you earn 110,000 Southwest points in ONE calendar year.

Download my free guide, which walks you through how to easily earn the Southwest Companion Pass to fly one person nearly free with you for up to two years, below:

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This way, you are not using a million one-off, small expenses to try and get there. Not to mention trying to keep track of how far you are from the minimum spend.

It also allows you to move on to the next travel credit card you want to apply for and earn the bonus.

Just be sure to PAY OFF that payment you put on your credit card right away so you don’t start building up a balance.

Track Your Minimum Spend Progress

Check out the Go to Travel Gal Frequent Flyer Toolkit, which comes with lots of spreadsheets to help you stay organized collecting miles and points, including a handy minimum spend tracker.

Enter each expense as you complete it, so you’ll know how far you have to go.

Will you try Plastiq to meet the minimum spend on your next travel credit card?

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