Introduction to Miles and Points

Here’s everything you need to know to get the ball rolling on traveling free!

How are we going to travel free?

By collecting and redeeming airline miles and points for free flights. Keep in mind, you will always have to pay a mandatory government security fee of $5.60 per person per way. There is no getting rid of this fee. This is where part of the term flying “nearly free” comes from.

Where will we get the miles and points?

  • Signing up for credit cards that earn high bonuses
  • Online shopping through airline shopping portals (only things we’d already be purchasing)
  • Eating at restaurants
  • Paying everyday expenses
  • Cheap newspaper and magazine subscriptions
  • Booking hotels through airline portals
  • Earn credit card referral points
  • Earning the Southwest Companion Pass

How is this easy again?

Trust me, it’s easy. Follow along with me and I’ll show you how. I don’t get overly concerned with the value of a point, complicated math or making you spend hours on this every week.

Timewise, you can expect to:

  • Sign up for a card once every month or two (or less!)
  • Go to the airline online shopping portal and make purchases
  • Read my blog at least weekly
  • Check the Southwest website for flights (ideally once weekly IF you’re flying Southwest)
  • Use your travel credit cards to make everyday — and travel — purchases

Is this totally free?

Almost, but not quite. Here’s what you’ll be spending:

  • $5.60 per person per one-way flight
  • Annual fees for credit cards (not all have annual fees, but most do) – These range from $69 to $450 (but these higher annual fee cards are for more advanced travel hackers and almost always come with a $300 travel credit and other benefits to offset the cost)
  • Everyday spending you’d be doing anyway for online shopping, dining out and booking hotels
  • Some cheap subscriptions ranging from $1-$19 to get MAJOR points

Getting Started

1. Set Travel Goals

This part involves thinking about where you’d like to travel free. Maybe it’s to see a relative a few states over, maybe it’s traveling to a National Park, maybe it’s a trip to Disney World or maybe it’s a trip to Hawaii. If it’s Hawaii, check out my free email course on how to fly up to four people to Hawaii.

Start with 1 travel goal, knock that one out and then you can pick up the pace once you’ve got some experience under your belt :).

2. Pick Your Airline

If it’s somewhere Southwest travels, I’m going to advise you to pick them, because they are BY FAR the cheapest airline to fly using points. It will be a much easier first goal to accomplish.

If it’s a trip to Europe, I’d advise Aer Lingus as I have a guide that shows you how to fly up to FOUR to Europe on miles.

To learn more about how to fly American, United and Delta using miles, get on the wait list for my paid Frugal Flyer Online Course, which shows you how to forever eliminate airfare within the U.S. It’s ideal for beginners and will open again in early 2019.

Get on the Wait List!

3. Sign up for Airline Loyalty Accounts

Before you can collect miles and points, you’ll need to have a loyalty account with that airline.

To sign up for Southwest Rapid Rewards, visit the link below and click ENROLL on the top right of the screen:

4. Learn About the Southwest Companion Pass

If you’re going to be flying Southwest, you can stretch your points so much further by earning the Southwest Companion Pass, which allows one person to fly free with you (aside from the security fees) for up to TWO years.

You’ll need 110,000 points to earn the pass, which sounds like a lot, but it’s actually really EASY to earn. I walk you through it step by step in my free ebook. You can fill out the form to download it below.

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By earning the Southwest Companion Pass, you’ll COMPLETELY ELIMINATE having to pay either points or cash/credit for ONE member in your party. This is a HUGE savings that cannot be beat by any other airline.

So I advise making earning the Southwest Companion Pass a No. 1 goal alongside earning points for your first destination. You can earn Southwest points that both qualify for the Companion Pass AND can be used for FREE FLIGHTS, so these goals can easily be done concurrently.

5. Determine how many miles or points you need to reach your travel goal

Most other airlines, including American, United and Delta, have a set number of points to get to a destination beyond driving distance within the U.S. This is usually about 25,000 miles round-trip per person.

Southwest, however, varies its points prices ALL the time. You’ll need to start checking and viewing the Low Fare Calendar to begin getting an idea of the average cost of a Southwest flight in points to your destination.

To give you ONE example, my family of four (using the Companion Pass) flew to New York City from Indianapolis for ~21,000 points TOTAL. All four of us for less than the cost of ONE ticket on American or United. I’ll take Southwest, thanks.

If you are willing to fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday, during off times (early or late) or take a connecting flight, you may be able to score a lower points price. This is how we stretch our points so far. You should also buy during a Southwest Sale when prices drop and continue to check and see if the price has dropped, as Southwest will refund your points if it has with NO FEE. It will also refund you in the form of a trave credit that expires within one year for a price drop paid originally in dollars.

When you are subscribed to the Go to Travel Gal email, I’ll also keep you updated on Southwest sales and you should join the Go to Travel Gal private Cheap Southwest Fares Facebook Group (only for Go to Travel Gal email subscribers) to stay abreast of great deals.

6. Develop a Plan to Earn Those Miles and Points

OK, so how are you going to earn those miles and points.

Follow the Southwest Companion Pass ebook above for EXACTLY how to earn those points. At the end, you’ll have 110,000 points that you can ALSO use for FREE Flights.

After that, I recommend applying for this card:

Chase Sapphire Preferred

This is my FAVORITE travel credit card, and it gets you another 50,000 points good for travel on Southwest just with its minimum spend bonus.

Also, be sure to stay tuned to the BEST Rapid Rewards Shopping Deals, which I post weekly here, and take advantage of booking hotels on and everyday spending on your travel credit cards (ideally Chase Sapphire, which earns double points on travel and dining).

7. Apply for Your First Travel Credit Cards

Once you have your plan, apply for your first travel credit card! If you’re going after the Southwest Companion Pass, that will be one of the personal Southwest cards.

Be sure not to apply for more than one card every 30 days, as Chase limits you to that and you want to make sure you can meet the minimum spend on each card without causing you to carry any debt.

We’re trying it simple, so don’t get overwhelmed and do too much too fast.

I also recommend at this point purchasing my Frequent Flyer Toolkit to keep everything organized. It’s only $15 and provides spreadsheets to keep track of loyalty programs, credit cards, Rapid Rewards and other airline portal shopping, minimum spend progress and more. You’ll be glad you did this early and don’t have a mess to clean up later.

Purchase the Frequent Flyer Toolkit

8. Meet the Minimum Spend Requirement

Meet the required minimum spend within three months to be sure you get your bonus points.

Make sure you do not overextend yourself and go into debt. ALWAYS pay your balance in full every month, if not every few days.

Here are creative ideas to help you easily and responsibly meet your minimum spend:

11 Ways to Creatively Meet a Minimum Spend

9. Get Your Points, Book Your Trip

The points will likely be credited to your account AFTER the closing date AFTER you complete the minimum spend. Sometimes they show up earlier.

Once, there log into your loyalty account of choice and book that trip! It will feel SO good knowing you spent next to nothing for this amazing trip you’re about to go on!

10. Rinse and Repeat 🙂

It’s time to set travel goal No. 2 and get started again!

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