Ryanair is a discount airline in Europe that offers some of the cheapest seats you can find for flights between major European cities. It’s often quite a bit less than taking a train, especially between destinations that are further apart.

We flew Ryanair once on our trip to Europe, flying from Paris to Bologna. While the flight itself was perfectly fine, what I did not like was that the “Paris” airport was actually about an hour north of Paris and packed full of people like I have never seen.

Ryanair Plane

So, if you decide to fly Ryanair, make sure you know where the airport you’ll be flying into and out of is located.

Ryanair is currently hosting a MAJOR airfare sale with flights starting at 9.99 euros for travel throughout October and November. The airline says there are more thanĀ 250,000 seats on more than 900 routes on sale.

BUT you have to book before midnight, TODAY, that would be July 12, and you must book on the Ryanair.com website.

Ryanair Interior

Keep in mind Ryanair does charge fees for luggage, some carry-ons, seat selection and priority boarding. But even when you add on these fees, it’s still usually the cheapest option.

Even if you miss the sale, their fares are super cheap, so still take a look.

Good luck!

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