Southwest Fall Fare Sale June 2016

I keep a close eye on Southwest everyday to check flights, points and Rapid Rewards Shopping offers. It seems they have a sale almost every week. One sale will stop for a few days and then another one starts back up.

So how do you know what’s a good sale and what isn’t?

Why to Buy During a Sale

For starters, if you need to make airline reservations, it’s best to do it during a sale — good or not. A sale will at least have lower prices than a non-sale :), and you can always cancel or change your Southwest reservations with no penalty or fee.

Though keep in mind when you pay with cash and cancel a Wanna Getaway, you will only get a “credit” back in the form of an “Unused Travel Fund”, which must be used within a year and must be associated with the original person on the reservation. You will not get a refund to your card. Points are the best if you think you may need to cancel.

How to Know If It’s a Good Sale

Here are my top tips for evaluating if it is or is NOT a good Southwest sale.

 1.  Read My Review

I post every Southwest sale, which you can see via the link below (also linked from the main menu above under Flying Southwest):

Southwest sale

In the post, I always share my assessment if it’s a “good” one or not 😉 AND offer a list what I see as the best fares.

2. Know What IS or ISN’T a Good Price to Destinations

So that you too know what is a good price or points for any given route, keep an eye on the flights and destinations that you are interested in — either the ones you fly regularly or a trip you’d like to take coming up.

Watch the prices for a while to give you an idea of what is Southwest’s rock bottom price. This is a good activity while you are waiting to accrue points to earn the Southwest Companion Pass (more about that and free flights here).

This is also how couponers score the lowest prices :). They “know” what the rock-bottom price is for a given item and then wait to buy it then paired with a coupon for the best possible price, which is even sometimes “free!”

3. It’s Advertised on TV

Another sign that it’s a major sale is you’ll see Southwest advertising the sale on TV. They don’t usually invest advertising dollars unless it’s one of their big ones.

There’s always a major sale in early June in celebration of their birthday, which is one of the best sales — if not THE best sale — of the year. We also had a fab one in May of 2018.

4. Prices Get as Low as $39

You’ll know it’s a good sale when SOME sale prices hit $39 per way or less for destinations that are not super close to each other (ie Chicago to Indianapolis, Dallas to Houston, etc.). I’ve seen points prices as low as 700 points per way in some cases. Crazy!

See a good sale? Book it! Remember, if you book with points, you can always cancel and rebook for NO FEE. Just go to the home page at, scroll down to Change/Cancel, enter your confirmation number and you can even see if prices are higher or lower than when you purchased.

The only time this does not work is if you have added your Companion to your flight. If that is the case, you will have to check on the Low Fare Calendar and then cancel and rebook if you find a better price, readding your Companion.

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