How to Check if Your Southwest Flight Has WiFi

Looking for Southwest Wifi? One of the many benefits of traveling with Southwest Airlines is access to WiFi on many of their flights. While the airline does not have free WiFi for computer usage, playing video games or texting, this type of WiFi on Southwest is still available for a reasonable cost. You can, however,  access Southwest’s in flight entertainment network via your device for FREE.

Their free entertainment network allows you to access live TV for many networks, as well as certain TV shows via your smartphone, iPad, Kindle, etc. (see full list of supported devices). This always helps entertain our kids, so we want to know as soon as possible if the plane will have WiFi. Plus, I always like to work while flying Southwest (I consider it my flying office :)), so I enjoy access to the WiFi for surfing the Web and email. Note: Southwest says there will be Wifi on all flights by the end of 2017. Hooray!

How to Check If Your Southwest Flight Has WiFi

  1. Within 24 hours of your flight, visit, which is Southwest Airlines Inflight WiFi Finder service.
  2. Type in your confirmation number and your first and last name.
  3. After you click Continue, your flight will appear and if the plane has WiFi service, you will see a green check mark to the right of your flight. We have gotten planes with WiFi about 90% of the time.

What Activities Can You Do with WiFi on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest WiFi for computers and email

  • Access to 19 live TV channels and 75 episodes from popular TV series. Southwest has also added ESPN, ESPN2 and the Disney Channel to their line-up of television options. Now, travelers can catch ESPN sports nearly from take-off to touchdown. That’s great news for sports fans who may be missing a key game when flying. I remember watching the World Cup games on network TV on a Southwest plane a couple years ago!
  • For $8 per day (it works on multiple flights over the course of a day, which is very helpful if you have to change planes), you can get connected to the Internet for email, browsing, work, etc. NetFlix and HBO Go are not available due to high bandwidth required. If you pay for Internet access with your Southwest credit card, you will earn double points, though really that’s only 16 points ;-).
  • Rent a movie for $5 per device.
  • A-List Preferred members get WiFi on Southwest Airlines FREE!

How to Connect to the WiFi on Southwest:

  1. Set device to Airplane Mode and then turn on WiFi
  2. Select Southwest WiFi and connect
  3. Open your browser and if not automatically connected to the system, type:
  4. Select your TV show, movie, etc. or pay for Internet access.

What’s Coming for Southwest Airlines WiFi?

The airline announced in late 2016 that all of their planes will be WiFi-enabled by the end of 2017, as they retire some aircraft that are not WiFi capable in September.

Additionally, they said they are committed to improving the speed of the Southwest wireless internet by signing new agreements to increase WiFi bandwidth. The airline said they expand bandwidth to triple by mid-2017 with an even greater increase by mid-2018. I’m very glad to hear that, because I know until recently I’ve had a terrible time with the speed of Southwest WiFi, but of late, it has improved.

Have more Southwest WiFi questions? Here are Southwest’s FAQs on the topic.

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