In case you needed yet ANOTHER reason to “luv” Southwest Airlines, I’ve got one for ya: free in-flight movies. Yep, now you can watch up to 30 movies, including the latest releases, on your next Southwest Airlines flight FREE.

That is a HUGE win for parents, I’m here to tell you.

Southwest free inflight movies

Half of our stress before traveling is making sure everyone has downloaded a movie or two from Netflix or Amazon Prime, which they can watch on the plane. It’s always a pain, as someone’s device doesn’t have enough space, they can’t find a movie to watch, etc.

Now they can just pick a movie from the Southwest list, as there is usually always something of interest, since they include new releases.

One less hassle to deal with — hooray!

Last month, Southwest began offering free in-flight instant messaging, using WhatsApp and iMessage. You can also now stream music free onboard via iHeartRadio. I did this on my last flight and enjoyed it.

“The onboard experience is one of the most important elements of a customer’s journey with us,” said Ryan Green, vice president and chief marketing officer at Southwest Airlines.

“Our research shows that a positive experience onboard the aircraft can greatly influence the decision to come back to Southwest. We listened to our customers and are enhancing our already award-winning experience.”

Yeppers! ๐Ÿ™‚

Southwest Wifi iHeartRadio

Southwest already offers two free checked bags per person, no charges for changed or cancelled reservations and hands-down the best customer service in the industry. These are some of the MANY reasons I love to fly Southwest.

I love how Southwest is going the polar OPPOSITE direction of what every other airline is doing, which is increasing fees left and right. I have no doubt that will crown them the ultimate winner. Zig when everyone else zags… a great business strategy!

You can check out which movies (and TV shows — but those were already free :)) are available by visiting

And here’s my guide on accessing and enjoy Southwest WiFi and their in-flight entertainment portal on your next flight.

Have you flown recently and checked out the free movies?

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