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If you’re going to make a large purchase — say a new washer/dryer, computer or lawnmower — isn’t it better if you earn miles/points at the same time? I think so!

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My husband’s computer recently went caput, so we decided to invest in a better quality desktop this go-round, rather than continue to get new computers every two to three years. For his business, we need for his computer to run much higher RAM, so we decided to make the switch and invest in a new Apple Macbook Pro – not a cheap endeavor. But if we’re going to spend the money, why not earn a return on the purchase in the form of miles or points?

Here’s how we maximized our points-earning potential and double-dipped Southwest points.

First, even though my husband had found the device at our local Best Buy, we decided to order it online by starting at the Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal and pick it up in store so we could earn points on the purchase.

Best Buy offers only 1/2 a point for each $1 spent, not the greatest return in the Shopping Portal but still significant on an $1800 purchase. That netted us 900 Southwest points.

Then, we used our Southwest Chase Rapid Rewards Premier card to pay for the purchase, earning us 1 point per $1 spent — or another 1800 points. That totals about 2700 points, which is about what I earned on a recent business flight that I paid for on Southwest.

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See how easy it is to earn points without ever stepping on an airplane!?

To top it off, Best Buy offers a price match guarantee. They had the computer advertised at $1849, but Amazon had it for $1799, so Best Buy matched the price and took another $50 off!

Plus, we have a Best Buy rewards card, so we earned $35 to spend on Best Buy in the future also on the purchase. Can you tell I am a longtime couponer?

All in all, not a bad return for a big purchase we decided to make. Note: If you are trying to earn your Southwest Companion Pass (download my free ebook on earning the pass), these points WOULD count toward earning the pass.

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