What are compression socks

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Have you heard of compression socks? Thought it was just something your Grandma wore? Well I’ve got news. Compression socks can benefit a lot of people, including travelers, and they are now stylish, too!

Lily Trotters is a company that makes fashionable compression socks for women. They are great for travelers, fitness enthusiasts, pregnant women and those who have to stand on their feet for long periods of time.

What Are Compression Socks?

Compression Socks are designed to help improve your legs’ and body’s circulation. Lily Trotters are designed to gradually compress, or squeeze, the leg from the foot all the way up the leg. There is a slight squeeze on the foot and the tightest squeeze around the ankle with the compression lessening as you go up the leg.

According to the company, this type of compression keeps blood from pooling in the ankles helping it to get back up to the heart and lungs, where it picks up oxygen, more efficiently. They say this improves blood oxygen levels, which can help with athletic performance and muscle recovery and just overall feeling better.

Compression socks can help prevent spider veins, blood clots (like those that can form during long flights) and leg cramping.

I also sit a good bit of the day, so can help keep my blood circulating optimally if I don’t get up and move around as much as I intended. This would also be helpful for long car trips or other travel where you are sitting for long periods.

All About Lily Trotters

Compression socks for travel

Credit: Lily Trotters

Lily Trotters offer a mild compression level, moisture wicking, antimicrobial properties, cushioned heels and reinforced toes. They are also thin to allow you to wear them with most any shoes.

They come in a variety of fun styles that in my mind would look adorable with a skirt and even running shorts! Choose from stripes, polka dots, floral and other designs. They are made in the USA and cost $48 per pair.

My Review

What are compression socks

Lily Trotters sent me a pair of compression socks recently to try out and I immediately put them on for my afternoon run. It was my day of the week to run long, and I found the socks were a bit too much right out of the gate. For runs, I’d suggest wearing them on shorter runs at first to allow your legs to adjust. I had a bit of a burning feeling in my legs after a while on my long run.

However, I decided to wear them later on AFTER a run for recovery purposes and I loved them. They are super comfortable and secure, and I wore them for them for a long time and had no problem at all. I’ve also been wearing them at night before bed when my legs are uber tired to keep the circulation going.

I will certainly wear them on our next flight or car trip!

What do you think about compression socks? Would you give them a go?

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