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What to Expect From Hotel Loyalty Programs in 2017

Imagine a hotel experience as personalized as your movie recommendations on Netflix or product picks on That is where hotel loyalty programs are headed, according to Thom Kozik, vice president of global loyalty at Marriott International. “We are looking for the right opportunity that brings value to you,” he says. “It’s all about a… Continue reading

Hacks for Getting the Most Out of European Train Travel

Note: This post contains affiliate links for which I may earn a commission if you making a purchase after clicking through. When avid traveler and national Catholic radio show host Teresa Tomeo visited Italy with her husband to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, she was shocked to find herself booted off a train at night… Continue reading

Travel Rewards in 2017: How to Leverage Points & Miles

Get your points plan in order for 2017 with this new article I wrote for US News & World Report, interviewing some of the top miles and points experts. How to Leverage Travel Rewards in 2017 It’s not too early to fine-tune your travel rewards strategy if you want to redeem miles and points in… Continue reading

Why Colorado Springs is an Adventurous Family’s Dream Vacation

If you’re looking for a family-friendly destination that is not just warm, but filled with opportunities to stay active and seek out adventure, consider Colorado Springs. There’s a reason why Olympic athletes train in this city, which is often touted as one of the healthiest U.S. cities. With mild temperatures year-round and low humidity (even… Continue reading

The Hottest Hotel Chain Trends for 2016

Note: This post contains affiliate links for which I earn a commission for my blog. When making your 2016 travel plans, look for hotels with high-tech amenities, innovative designs and other upgrades to improve the quality of your stay. This year, savvy smartphone apps will allow you to remotely check in on your mobile device… Continue reading

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