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American Airlines Flight Schedule Adds 50+ New Routes for 2018
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American Airlines’ flight schedule has more than 50 new routes for 2018. The Fort Worth-based airline has added 52 new nonstop flights both internationally and within the U.S. New International American Airlines Flight Schedule American has added the following new international destinations, which begin in summer 2018: Budapest, Hungary Prague, Czech Republic Reykjavik, Iceland (a continually… Continue reading

Earn One Round-trip Ticket on American By Switching to Sprint
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If you’re considering switching cell phone carriers, don’t forget to check if you can earn miles or points by doing so. Right now, American is offering 25,000 miles when you switch to Sprint. That is one round-trip ticket on American, which is 25,000 miles if you travel longer distances in the U.S. You don’t even… Continue reading

Did You Know You Can Earn Miles Shopping IN Store, Not Just Online?
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I don’t know about you, but I was suprised to learn that there’s a way to earn miles to use for FREE flights by shopping IN a store, not just online. I’m certainly very familiar with all the airline — and other travel — shopping portals that allow you to start at their sites and… Continue reading

When Will Southwest Release August 2018 and September 2018 Flights?
Book August and September 2018 flights on Southwest

When will Southwest release August and September 2018 flights? These flights are currently available for booking along with flights through March 6, 2019. If you’re looking for August and September 2019 flights, Southwest has not announced when those flights will be released. The next release will be flights through April 7, 2018, which are scheduled to be… Continue reading

Get Email Alerts for Your Favorite Stores on American’s Shopping Portal

American Airlines has introduced a handy new feature to its online shopping portal that lets you earn miles by starting your online shopping at your favorite stores at the portal. The miles you can earn vary by store but range from 1 mile per dollar spent to 25 miles per dollar spent. Now you can… Continue reading

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