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European Vacation on Miles Part 5: Tuscany
Tuscan countryside view San Gimignano

This summer, my family took our very first trip together to Europe — and we did the flights from the U.S. to Dublin and most of the intra-Europe flights on miles! We saw some amazing things, ate some of the most fantastic food imaginable and dipped our toes in speaking other languages. It was priceless…. Continue reading

European Vacation on Miles Part 4: Bologna, Italy

After our week in Paris, we hopped a Ryanair flight to Bologna, Italy. I’d always wanted to fly Ryanair, as I have seen their super cheap airfare and wondered if the experience would, as a result, be horrific, as are some U.S. discount airlines. Flying Ryanair On the whole, it was not bad and cost… Continue reading

European Vacation on Miles Part 3: Paris Part 2
Arc view Eiffel Tower Sunset

Our time in Paris was truly magical and already my heart longs to go back. Something about Paris really “grabbed” me – the French people, their food, the language, the architecture, the beauty… I could go on 🙂 Saint-Germain-des-Prés During the second half of our stay in Paris, we enjoyed time on the Left Bank,… Continue reading

Balancing Safety and Caution With Wanderlust
Notre Dame de Paris

We were of course saddened to see yet another attack, this time at Notre Dame de Paris in the summer of 2017. We were there not 24 hours before, as well as on the Sunday prior for Pencecost Mass. On our journey to Europe, our family and friends were all concerned for our safety as… Continue reading

European Vacation on Miles Part 2: Paris Days 1, 2 and 3
Louvre Museum Paris

We have arrived in Paris and enjoyed our first three days here. All I can say is that this city is truly amazing. Literally everywhere you turn is another incredible building. It’s hard to believe you are walking where kings and queens walked as you stroll through the Louvre or the Tuileries gardens and going… Continue reading

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