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Go to Travel Gal’s 9 Tips for Traveling on Southwest
Kids Southwest Plane Grand Cayman

My family of four has flown A LOT (at least SIX times a year!) since 2015 when we discovered how to collect miles and points — most of it on Southwest. I have messed up … A LOT … and learned plenty of good practices along the way, as well. To save you the hassle,… Continue reading

How to Use the Hilton Digital Key
How to use Hilton's Digital Key via @GotoTravelGal

After staying at a Hilton Suites and trying the uber-cool Hilton digital key for the first time, I wanted to share my tips for how to make best use of this great technology. What Is a Digital Key? Many national hotel brands, including Hilton, Marriott and Starwood, are using digital keys, which essentially allow you to… Continue reading

How to Improve Your Credit Score to Apply for Travel Credit Cards
Credit score

  Wanting to apply for a travel credit card but wondering how to improve your credit score? Or perhaps your credit score needs a boost before applying? You’re not alone. If you are new to the hobby of traveling nearly free, one of the first things you’ll need to do is get your credit score in… Continue reading

7 Walt Disney World Secrets From a Seasoned Pro
Disney secrets

We have been to Walt Disney World probably 10+ times in the last 15 years, so I’ve learned many Disney World secrets, and wanted to share my top tips for making the most of your next Disney vacation. 7 Walt Disney World Secrets 1.  Start Later in the Day Everyone tells you to get there… Continue reading

8 Steps to Tackle 2018 Vacation Planning Right Now
Find Time to Travel

We all love to travel – or else you wouldn’t be reading this blog, right?! Ensuring you set aside the time to travel is key to making sure those vacations actually happen. Because we all know vacations make us happier people! National Plan for Vacation Day is January 30, 2018, and its goal is to… Continue reading

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