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Travel Through Europe: Moving to the Rhythm of an Ancient Heartbeat
San Gimignano Restaurant

After our 3-week family trip to Europe, I am reminded that American time and ways are not the only way to move through life. And, in fact, it’s a relatively new way to live compared to cultures who have been around for more than a thousand years. But, of course, that is one of the… Continue reading

Thoughts on Notre Dame de Paris After Our Visit Sunday
Notre Dame de Paris

We were of course saddened to see yet another attack, this time at Notre Dame de Paris on Tuesday. We were there not 24 hours before on Monday, as well as on Sunday for Pencecost Mass. On our journey to Europe, our family and friends were all concerned for our safety as attacks ramped up… Continue reading

How I Work While Traveling

In the last year, my family’s travels have more than quadrupled our past levels, especially during the summer months when our kids are out of school. In addition to writing the Go to Travel Gal blog, I also run a travel public relations company, as well as another side business with limited help. That means… Continue reading

Need Motivation to Travel? I Got Ya – Watch This!

Here is a wonderful video I happened on last week that explores the reasons why we travel. It’s not just about seeing popular attractions and checking off bucket list items; it’s about learning who we are as people and experiencing God’s creation in all its majesty. I know when I travel to beautiful places like… Continue reading

What Do You Want to Hear on Go to Travel Gal?

Go to Travel Gal’s aim is to help more people travel the world by scoring free tickets on Southwest, taking advantage of travel credit cards and showing you the best in travel from hotels to destinations to airlines. But I want to know what YOU want to hear from Go to Travel Gal! What questions… Continue reading


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