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Southwest Thanksgiving Flights on Sale Through Sept. 24
Thanksgiving flight sale

Holiday flights are some of the toughest on which to score a good deal. Prices typically are sky high. But Southwest started a rare Thanksgiving flight sale today that only runs through Sunday, September 24, where you can grab some lower prices for Thanksgiving week flights. The sale is good for November 18, 20, 23… Continue reading

Should You Earn the Southwest Companion Pass This Year or Next? Your Questions Answered
Southwest Companion Pass Timing

With all three of the Southwest Chase Rapid Rewards credit cards currently offering 60,000 bonus points upon approval and meeting the minimum spend, but with the personal card offers going away Oct. 4, everyone is trying to figure out if they should go for the Southwest Companion Pass, an awesome perk that lets one person… Continue reading

Reader Question: Do I Need to Check in Separately for a Connecting Southwest Flight?
Southwest Connecting Flight

When it comes to flying Southwest Airlines, checking in is really important, because it determines when you board the plane — and thus, what seat you get! So a common question I have gotten from readers, especially those who are new to flying Southwest Airlines is: Do I have to check in separately for a… Continue reading

These 60,000-Point Offers Officially END Oct. 4!
Credit Cards

We’ve been wondering when/if the the 60,000-point offers on the Southwest personal credit cards will go away. I was able to confirm with Chase today that the offers end on October 4. This is for the personal cards only, which includes Premier and Plus. For those of you trying to take advantage of these bonuses… Continue reading

Earn the Southwest Companion Pass in TWO Steps
Southwest Airlines

The Southwest Companion Pass just got even EASIER to earn! This pass, which lets one person fly free with you for up to two years, was already VERY EASY to earn, but now you can literally have it in hand in just 2 simple steps. AMAZING! Right now, all THREE Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa… Continue reading

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