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NEW Southwest Emotional Support Animal and Other Support Pet Guidelines
Dogs on Southwest

If you want to travel with a Southwest “emotional support animal” (ESA) or other support animal, the airline has released new guidelines as American Airlines did in May. I am glad to see this change to attempt to tighten things down a bit, as I wrote a piece for FoxNews in 2016 about how wildly out… Continue reading

ONE Week Left to Get 65,000-Point Southwest Priority Card Offer!
Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Credit Card

In mid-July Southwest released the premium Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority card of which we’d heard rumors, and they are closing their intro offer for this card of up to 65,000 Southwest points on August 22, 2018. That gives you only EIGHT days left to apply and get this offer! If this card is on your list,… Continue reading

When Will Southwest Release March & April 2019 Flights? Release Delayed From August 16 to 30
Southwest Plane over Grand Cayman

When will Southwest release March and April 2019 flights? Originally, they said August 16, but it IS subject to change, and they have delayed it until August 30, 2018. The Southwest flight schedule comes in batches. This can be frustrating if you have a confirmed trip that you’d like to plan after that date. Currently, the flight schedule… Continue reading

Top Weekly Rapid Rewards Shopping Deals: 3 points at Old Navy, 1100 Points for The Economist
Rapid Rewards Shopping

Looking for the best Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping deals to earn even MORE points for FREE flights? Rapid Rewards Shopping is one of the BEST ways to earn Southwest points that also qualify for the Southwest Companion Pass. Not all points qualify but most do! The portal allows you to earn points on purchases you would already… Continue reading

Go to Travel Gal’s 9 Tips for Traveling on Southwest
Kids Southwest Plane Grand Cayman

My family of four has flown A LOT (at least SIX times a year!) since 2015 when we discovered how to collect miles and points — most of it on Southwest. I have messed up … A LOT … and learned plenty of good practices along the way, as well. To save you the hassle,… Continue reading

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