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Discover Cashback Calendar 2019 Published; 4th Quarter Amazon Category Now Active
Discover Cashback Calendar

The Discover it Cashback Match credit card is a great way to save on travel expenses that you cannot pay with miles or points. This is one of my favorite cards, which I recommend in my Travel Credit Card Plan, because it has no annual fee and can net you savings on things for which… Continue reading

3 Tricks to Save on Disney World Dining and Food
Disney World Dining

Disney World in Orlando is one of our favorite places in the world, and I want to share three simple Disney World dining and food tricks we’ve learned over the years. My husband grew up visiting Disney every year as a child, and we even honeymooned here back in 1999! It’s become a tradition in… Continue reading

Chase Slate Review: My Favorite Balance Transfer Credit Card
Chase Slate

If you’re like me, not only planning to eat healthier this year, but putting some financial goals in place for 2018, you may be looking at how to reduce expenses and increase income. Who isn’t, right? Chase Slate may be able to help. If you hold any credit card balances on cards that charge interest, especially… Continue reading

[EXPIRED] $5 off $15 Book Purchase at Amazon Through Dec. 14
Amazon coupon code books

I always LOVE to take advantage of sales on books at Amazon as I am a total book nerd. That’s the one thing I can’t seem to part with when I hit my annual “get organized” streak every January :). There is a code for $5 off $15 minimum PRINT book purchase on through December… Continue reading

8 Reasons to Get Amazon Prime This Christmas
8 Reasons to Get Amazon Prime This Christmas via @GotoTravelGal

Several years ago my husband and I signed up for a free trial of Amazon Prime around Christmas. We got a month of free shipping and 2-day delivery and ultimately, decided to purchase it at the end of the trial. It proved to be a HUGE savings and that was before they added all the amazing benefits beyond free… Continue reading

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